What Gets Me Out of Bed

last night

Last night: guitars and giggles.

this morning

This morning: coffee and dirty dishes.

What gets me out of bed also gets me back to my blog. I've let several weeks slip by without posting or even flickr-ing. I've barely picked up my camera this year. I guess 2012 is not the year I finally commit to a daily photo project. And that's OK.

One of George's and my favorite movies is The Story of Us (it's right up there with Fight Club and 28 Days Later). My favorite scene is when Bruce Willis and Michele Pfeiffer are laying in bed with their two sleeping babies and he says to her, "All that matters is right here in this bed."

That is exactly how I feel right now. Everything that matters is right here - digging in the garden, gathering around the dinner table, rearranging furniture to watch movies, playing guitars, singing loud and off key, reading books at bedtime and again when we wake up, sending silly texts from one room to another. I'm documenting very little of it, but absorbing every moment of it. It's all that matters.

The only resolution I made for this year is to take a step in the direction of my heart's desire every single day. Nine days in and so far, so good. I've cleaned out closets to create space and order. I've planted shrubs and trees to create beauty and shade. I've rearranged rooms to create function and flow. I've scrapped projects and put others on hold to create time and freedom. My heart desires simplicity.

Right now, my son desires breakfast, but before I go, I just wanted to say Hi. And for those of you who have gone Paleo this year, Well Done! I fully intend to return with recipes, but if I don't show up here for a few days or more, now you know what I'm up to. It's all good.


  1. it's all good, indeed.

    i remember going through this last year about mid-year, i disappeared from my blog, got back to basics of tending, caring and nurturing, and now i'm feeling the tilt the other way, and it's time to bring the balance back.

    thanks for such a gentle stimulating reminder that what is important is right here.

    this afternoon i have a date with my garden, weeding while the boys are going to whittle a bit of willow to make something. wishing you a happy 2012! xo

  2. Just got back from taking H. to the airport to fly back to college. It was wonderful to have him home and have everything that mattered right here--maybe not in our bed, but in our home. And in our kitchen, especially.

    I'm a little teary this morning, but just wanted to say that you have your priorities in the right place, lady! Because a day will come when you won't be able to do all the simple, sublime things that the four of you are doing right now. And that matters so much more than documenting and sharing it with the rest of the world.

    Happy, simple new year, Molly!

  3. love you. love following what you do. you are good people.

  4. love this, molly. and agree one hundred percent. not as a resolution, but lately i've realized what i need is to just bring it all in a little bit, pare down, focus rather than branch out.
    it feels good not to feel like i'm missing out on something.

  5. molly, this reminds me of something i heard the other day on npr. in an interview about this book "the Moment" a writer talks about missing the moment b/c he was photographing it (this is within the first 3 minutes of the interview). i have recently tried photographing to remember, but this gave me pause. am i not participating in the moment, then b/c there is a lens in the way? food for thought. and the book sounds completely interesting!

  6. Happy, wonderful new year, right where you are. :)

  7. "take a step in the direction of my heart's desire every single day"...now those are really words to live by. I love it! I am pondering what this means for me and acting on it. Thank you for the inspiration.

  8. basically you just summed up exactly how I feel. exactly!
    (very few have or can.)

  9. My husband and I say this all the time. Our family and what is right here is all that truly matters.

  10. I think I saw the story of us a. very. long. time. ago. Perhaps it would be worth revisiting??? I loved what you said about your days and what is important. it's feels so true to me as well. which is a good thing. I feel very blessed to live a life of such contentment right here, right now.

  11. Bravo! Great post! Although I do enjoy reading your posts,your family is more important than any post or photo put up here. Time flies by and moments don't last....grab them and hold tight!!
    You can always catch up here later,we aren't going anywhere! :-) Darlene

  12. I LOVE that movie but no one ever talks about it. Haven't watched it since I've been married with children so I imagine it would be even more powerful now.
    I have been doing similar things with my New Year.

  13. this is so good, molly! I've been away from my blog for so many weeks I don't know how to go back.


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