There is a small piece of blue painter's tape stuck to my mantle. On this tape is one word written in cursive: Home. It is the only blue thing in the room. It's a focal point when you walk in the front door. Almost an eyesore, really. But I don't have the heart to peel it off. Every time I see it, I remember Aidan saying, quite enthusiastically, "Thank you Mom for teaching me cursive!"

There is a foundation in our backyard for a shed that I'm pretty sure will dramatically change our life. Well, at least it will change the way we organize our stuff. There are hours of work left before we finish building the shed, but I look forward to the weekends of work ahead of us. I am happiest when immersed in a project, especially with George. We work so well together (we don't relax very well together, which is probably why we're always creating new projects).

There have been several occasions recently when Avery and I have been mistaken for one another. Not just on the phone, but in person. Once by George. I'm incredibly flattered, though I'm sure Avery does not feel the same. The confusion won't last long; she'll likely outgrow me within the next few months (which both excites and scares me).

There is a change in the air. A change and a charge that has me electrified with excitement. I don't even know what I'm excited about. Life maybe? The transition between summer and fall seems full of possibility. The changing angle of the sun's passage across the sky sheds a new light on everything. I feel illuminated. Illuminated and excited. It's a very good change.


  1. Love it. Its all so very good, yes?

  2. I know exactly what you mean about being excited -- I am, too, and I'm not sure what for! I just wrote about it recently, how fall feels like a new beginning, rather than an ending, and full of possibilities!


    I LOVE the change between the seasons -- it's so.... recharging!

    Kelly @ Creating a Family Home

  3. Love the change between summer and autumn - it's my most favourite season change of all. I've always felt like it's a new beginning, a 'new year' of sorts. Funny.

  4. I was wondering...
    and here you are :)

  5. Look at your bees! Look at that honey! Mine flew away, and took all their honey. Oh well. Will get more in the spring.

    I have an email draft about our little history group that I need to finish and send along. Gotta catch you to plan while you're feeling excited and illuminated!

  6. I am loving your header of the honeycomb!!

  7. Love the new header too, check out those happy bees! Seems we are feeling the same way towards the changing seasons i just posted something very similar.

  8. there is such a shift this time of year, and unlike spring it comes on so gradually, like a yawn, it sneaks up on you.

    (love the header)

  9. You have a beautiful blog and gorgeous photos. You have captured beautiful Fall images with your sunflower and the kitchen curtains.

  10. I have felt the shift here as well. The moment I stopped feeling disapointed about this summer and started looking forward to the cozyness of the cold season. One of these days I have to go through my wardrobe and put the summer clothes away.

  11. What a great post. You are in the flow.

  12. mmm. wonder what's brewing. fall does that to me, too, but usually the temperature has to drop a little first. we've never been to apple hill...is that on the list? hoes down is on the first - might be crazy, but you the kids will love it...

  13. I love the quality of sunlight as fall approaches. The outdoors seems to be infused with a lovely pinkish-orange, very warming considering the days are getting colder.

  14. illuminated.

    i love that.

    that is exactly, precisely how i feel about fall.

    happy fall to you, molly. and happy building/creating/doing.

  15. Happy first day of autumn.
    Now, that I have let go of summer I am here to embrace it all.

  16. Isn't it exciting to be in that moment - when the expectation hasn't overshadowed the thrill of knowing a change is coming - almost just the realization of change can excite me more than the change itself. So good to hear from you!! Your photo of the sunflower is sublime art.

    xoxo michele

  17. it's so good to feel that way! I'm glad you do. And I giggled that even george confused you two. Shed on!


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