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The two extra copies of Calpurnia Tate go to:

Jill in New Zealand and Natalie in Alaska! (Please email me with your addresses: mollydunham at sbcglobal dot net.)

Thank you to all who entered the giveaway. The turnout reminded me of the days when this used to be a craft blog! If only there'd been more copies of the book . . .

Every once in a while, my kitchen sink provides the perfect synopsis of my life:


~ I've been painting. And realizing that the four years of art classes I took in junior high and high school did not give me the skills I need to create the art I envision. They were good classes, though. I used to skip my sixth period English class and spend an extra hour in the art building (which probably explains the liberties I take with the English language). If only I could dedicate two hours a day, five days a week, to painting, drawing, and sculpting under the tutelage of a hippy art instructor, in an expansive, bright room with twenty foot ceilings and a wall of windows. I wouldn't exactly call them glory days, but in certain ways, they were glorious. I'm seriously considering signing up for an art class this fall.

~ A cold beer at 3:30 in the afternoon tastes just the way I want summer to taste.

~ The kids talked me into buying an industrial twin pack of Nutella. Three days later, one jar is almost empty. The good news is Nutella no longer contains partially hydrogenated oil, so I feel a little better about eating it by the spoonful.

~ For some odd reason, I find milk in glass jars romantic. Expensive, yes, but those glass jars satisfy me in a way plastic jugs cannot. I've renewed my commitment to buying milk exclusively from Strauss Creamery, and I've put the word out around the local farming community that I'm looking to barter homebrew for local, raw milk (which is probably illegal in about ten different ways). I think it might be easier to locate heroin (which is only illegal in two or three different ways). Nobody keeps milk cows anymore. Everybody has goats these days. Bleh. Goats aren't nearly as romantic as cows.

And that's the news from my kitchen sink.

The kitchen counter has a different tale to tell.

Dough for bagel dogs. They taste like summer too and go perfect with a cold beer. Hold the Nutella.

Happy weekending.


  1. I love you! I too think milk from glass containers is fantastic. We get our contraband dairy from a local friend with a cow. I love the raw milk. My kiddos also talked me into the Costco nutella. So delicious and almost a health food now. I toy with the idea of art classes. I would love to paint. I had the idea when I was younger that I was not artistic. I would like to change that perception.

  2. Great post. Most enjoyable.

  3. ok, your paint plate is totally inspiring. I can see some washy treatment with a bee drawn on top.

  4. jee I wish I could eazt Nutella and not grow fat! I used to do it though! You make baking look so clean and easy! And, where do you get milk in glass jar? It reminds me when I was living in Argentina and watching those american movies where the milk man delivered milk in bottles at your doorstep.

  5. AnonymousJuly 16, 2011

    You are hilarious Molly. I love your sense of humor! I hope your barter pursuits come through. I also find glass milk bottles to be romantic. By request, our tiny natural foods store ordered a case of Strauss creamery's whole milk... only once... because no one else bought it. I bought some though, and I made yogurt immediately.

  6. You may have just revolutionized my grocery store habits - I did not know that Nutella had changed! The last time I checked, it still had partially hydrogenated oil. I will absolutely be checking again next time I'm there - I hope that it's not only in the US. Oh, and your sink is lovely. :)

  7. AnonymousJuly 16, 2011

    oh my gosh. my son talked me into the twin pack of nutella too. last night we had pancakes with guess what on top.

    fun post.

  8. This cracked me up. Great post.

  9. I could not agree more in regards to milk in glass jars being romantic.
    Also, it is better for the environment, your family, and your local community.

  10. the art i envision making looks pretty much like that shot of the bottle in the sink.

    if we were neighbors, you'd see me hanging up the laundry at 4:30 with a glass of wine in one hand.


  11. good luck with the milk, that's the only kind I like. I don't have it very often because it's over $7 for a 2 litre container. I get it from the health food shop where they call it pet milk to get around the stupid law.
    Try it blended with a good spoonful of molassis, dee-licious!

  12. How is it that you can write a great post about your kitchen sink? What I draw or paint never seems to look quite as I had imagines it but I still like it and the process. I give a definite "yes" to the art class. Cheers, Molly!

  13. The internet is amazing, I thought I was alone in thinking glass milk bottles were romantic! I have a great local source for raw milk at only $4 a gallon, but it comes in plastic...would it be completely crazy to pour it into glass AFTER buying it? :) I recently heard about another local farm that sells organic raw milk and you bring your own glass containers at milking times and they'll fill it up for you that I've been meaning to check out.

  14. the dark background for your baking shots feels like a departure for you. i love it - because it still looks like you - light and airy, and realistic - but i like that it's a little removed. beautiful.

  15. um, totally cracking up about the illegal bartering..and thought you might like this recipe I found:


    I thought I might play around with the recipe sometime. Maybe use some coconut milk and coconut milk powder substitutes to make it vegan. Just saying...


  16. I agree with all mentioned above.
    Milk in glass jars...yes. Cows over goats...yes. Homebrew...of course. Nutella...do I have a pulse?

  17. Molly, I have missed you! I'm so glad that today it occurred to me to check in with you! It has been too long since I did. What a lovely post! I love the glass bottles of milk too and used to buy exclusively Straus (and still do when we are at the cabin, from the coop in Quincy) but down here I buy raw from Organic Pastures and it unfortunately comes in plastic jugs. We do buy Boguiere's choco milk in glass tho -- have you tried that? If not, and you do after reading this, don't blame me for starting a new $5/quart addiction -- talk about heroin! I love the idea of trading homebrew for raw milk! My husband premiered his homebrew at a wedding we attended yesterday -- it was a hit!

    If you have time, here's a blog post of mine on milk bottles and jugs!

  18. @Lisa, I was going to share that same nutella recipe!

  19. just love the photographs in this post!

  20. Ha! My kids talked me into buying the same two-pack of Nutella!
    I run a raw milk co-op, somewhat under the table. Too bad you don't live closer!

  21. art class? do it.
    best of luck with your beer-for-milk endeavor. i think it's a fab trade. We get our leche from a local dairy in glass bottles, too. romantic and expensive all the same. I once tried making home made nutella and it was not nearly as good as the industrial strength.

  22. Brilliant! On all counts. Everything you said I second! Here here! Milk cows! Oh PLEEEASE! Beer at 3:30. No problem there! Bagel dogs? WOW! Beautifully written, to boot!

  23. Ho how heavenly and funny at the same time! I am with you on the milk in glass jars. Plastic leaves an after taste to me and my goodness aren't the glass milk jars so beautiful?!

  24. Oh my, that bagel dough looks (looked) wonderful. But even better...Nutella without h.o.? Let me run over to Costco, will you?

  25. bagel dogs?!

    oh, do tell...

    and as to the above post, i am stunned at his gumption. i am all for positive b.s., expecially when the chips are down.

  26. wow.
    so much goodness right here.
    milk in glass bottles. yes. we love that too. it is a rare treat. our dairy produces the best chocolate milk. it is like dessert. and the eggnog at christmas time. holy moly.

    your writing is very good. full. evocative.

    I love visiting here.


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