Field Trip, Part One


Listen to the Percy Jackson books with your kids over and over and over again.

Marvel at how much you and your children learn about Greek Mythology thanks to Rick Riordan's modern day spin on the myths.

Sigh with relief when you find the newest audiobook in the series, The Lost Hero, at the library, because you'd rather sail through the Bermuda Triangle than listen to The Sea of Monsters one more time.

Start making plans for field trips to the nearby locations mentioned in The Lost Hero, because nothing brings the story to life like visiting the locations where the story takes place.

agua caliente

Drive through hot water to get to the first location: Jack London State Park in Glen Ellyn, CA. Who knew Jack London was the son of a Greek god? And all this time we thought his father was a traveling astrologer . . .

jack london state park

Wonder why you haven't come here before. It's absolutely gorgeous, even in - or especially in - the drizzly weather.


Wish you had worn better hiking shoes.

jack london's wolf house

Tour the remains of the Wolf House. It's nearly neon green with moss and lichen.

my favorite shot of the day

spanish moss?

eucalyptus bark

Let your family walk ahead while you investigate the flora. Hope that Rick Riordan introduces Flora and delves deeper into Roman mythology in future books .

vineyard at jack london state park

Journey back to your car for snacks and a brief respite from the increasingly heavy rain. But don't worry, it will let up just enough for you to visit Jack London's cottage and farm, and you definitely won't want to miss either of those.

Field trip to continue.


  1. Beautiful pics! And your shoes are cute, even if they aren't hiking boots.

  2. the rain added a mystical quality to your photographs... what an enchanting field trip.

    My son has restricted himself to non-fiction so has no interest currently in the Rick Riordan books but I'm hopeful I will turn up some decent mythology resources for him... it is so fascinating.

  3. The picture of Wolf House reminds me very much of old ruins I saw when I was in England 20 years ago. Very cool.

    While I've never had much desire to go to California (despite knowing there is so much to see there)...this place has convinced me it may be worth a trip some day. Thanks for the lovely photos...and Yes, your shoes are very cute. :)

  4. How cool that you have those locations within driving distance! Ian would love that; he's really into those books. Ibmade it through the first and he really really wants me to read Sea if Monsters but I just can't seem to get into it. Maybe the audiobook would help, as it's written rather conversationally.

  5. Thanks to 'ol Rick, Mr. T is totally obsessed with the Greeks--and he's got a handle on those Romans too--so our kids can Greek out when they're together. (And you and I can geek out.)

    T. read the Lost Hero on his own; I had no idea places like Wolf House played out in the book! And he probably didn't realize that many of the places mentioned are spots where we can actually go. Will do!

    Make sure to look for Mt. Diablo tomorrow! It will be on your distant left--largish mountain, on its own--just about the point when you turn off on Hwy 24. It factors into the book too. http://camphalfblood.wikia.com/wiki/Mount_Diablo

  6. Yes, my daughter and I both shrieked when we realized Mt. Diablo was in the book.

    My grandparents lived on "Diablo Vista Drive" for over 60 years and my parents currently live in a home with a panoramic view of the San Ramon Valley and Mt. Diablo out of most windows. It's a lovely drive to the top if you have the time to do it.

  7. Ummm, Wellies, you need Wellies! Such a fun field trip, and I love the rain, don't you?

  8. Beautiful pictures. **sigh**

  9. I keep suggesting the Riordan books to my almost 8 yr old. Thus far he has declined. I think he is afraid they will be scary (someone told him that the movie was frightening). I think he would really enjoy them. He has loved mythology since he was around 3 yrs old. Would you suggest the books for his age? Too scary? I figure he is close to your son's age. Now I am rambling. Gorgeous photos. The spanish moss looks like plastic! So green. I am envious.

  10. This looks like a field trip I would be totally on board with, especially with the link to books. I'm looking forward to reading this series in a few years with my boys. Beautiful photos. I especially like the one of the upside down mushroom.

  11. Both my kiddos are huge fans of the Percy Jackson series! Living here in Canada it's a bit far for us to travel to the sites mentioned in the book so I'm so glad you're including such lovely photos of your field trip so I can show them to the kids. Can't wait to see what comes next!

  12. Fantastic post & pictures ;)

  13. We are big Rick Riordan fans. I'll be sure to share your pics with my kiddos. They both recently finished reading the book. (I listed to the audiobook.)

  14. Gorgeous Molly - love the photos - stunning. WE're working up to the Rick Riordan books - still a touch scary for our youngest - but they are on the list for sure!

  15. Well then, I will be getting the first of the series for OUR field trip this coming weekend.
    What crazy beautiful flora you found!

  16. oh wow. amazing trip.
    what a gorgeous place to explore!!

  17. beautiful photos! I can almost smell the air, and feel the moisture.

  18. Great pictures. Looks like a fun day, rain and all!

  19. We love Percy around here, too. I love the stretched-out lichen. It looks like green soap that has had all the bubbles popped.


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