Family Photo Project: February

As I mentioned last month,

::My mom, brother and I have a new photography project this year. Each month, one of us selects a word, and we take pictures prompted by that word. At the end of the month, I put the pictures together in a triptych.::

My brother chose the word for February: triangle.


My brother's sleek and triangular table legs, my mom's triangle of snow stuck in my grandmother's cyclone fence, and Aidan's ice cream cone.

Finding triangles wasn't easy at first, but once found, they started to appear everywhere. My ice cream shot was taken at the end of February, and while I was focusing on the triangular nature of the ice cream cone, I started seeing more triangles once I uploaded the photo. The edge of the table, the angle at of the table from my vantage point, Avery's elbow on the table. Then there are the triangles in the negative space - the space between the spoon and cone, the space behind Avery and around her shadow.

Even now that February is behind us, I can't stop looking for triangles.

more triangles

A very triangular fence found on a recent field trip. More pictures of said field trip coming soon. Get ready for a photographic feast.

Thank you Robert for this very geometric photographic exercise! My mom chose the word for March:


Speaking of doors, Aidan was singing "Hello, I Love You" the other day, and I asked him, "How do you know that song?"

That song predates me! Avery answered the question for me: "Hello! You're our mom."

I guess I've been singing the song without realizing it! Today I'm singing, "One Less Bell to Answer". George is back to work and now I've got one less egg to fry (although I'm still picking up after him). Avery's singing along too, because, as she pointed out, I'm her mom. Singing and picture taking - it's all in the family.


  1. Oh, I love it. As soon as I saw your picture I could see all the triangles. I'm just glad for the snow storm while we were in Utah, the fence was beautiful and by mid morning all the snow had melted off of it. Once again, we've all done a great job!

  2. Beautiful photos and variations on the triangle theme. You three are quite talented. Keep singing and enjoy your day!

  3. Great triangle photos! Funny, because i didn't even see the ice cream cone when i first look at your picture. Saw the elbow, the table etc...

    I've been getting a few of those "Hello!" comments from my girls lately. Didn't know they would Start being so sassy so young, but honestly? I love it.

  4. I've been visiting your blog for a while now and I really think your pictures are wonderful and your articles good written!

    I think the idea of one word/month is really great! Can't wait to see other pictures :))



  5. Beautiful triangles. I enjoy the different perspective on the same word. As for singing, I love hearing our children sing songs that are not necessarily children's music. But really, all good music is children's music.

  6. I love 'One less bell to answer'. It reminds me of my Mom. ;-)

  7. Gorgeous triangle photos. What a fun idea. I love the idea of a word a month, I'm going to see if my oldest son wants to do this with me. Thank you.

  8. Hi Molly - Oh I love these photos and wish I had family that wanted to share in this sort of a project. It is really cool.

    Thanks for popping by my blog and saying hi. I've missed catching up with your photos on Flickr. (I haven't been there in forever.) I think I'll catch up here for a while. xo

  9. I've been wanting to take pictures that look like letters. My hope is to capture the first letter of our names. Four total. The goal is to hang them BIG in the livingroom. Problem is, I find myself talking about it but not actually looking for them. I need to focus.

    Love the idea of the trip. Do the results capture personalities?

  10. Neat project. Funny how once something is called to your attention you start seeing it everywhere!

  11. love this project.

  12. Sing on sister, so fun! These photos are beautiful, what a fun and creative project to do with your family. I really love the fence with the single leaf that is hanging on between all the triangles, fantastic. Have a great weekend!

  13. Love all the hidden triangles amongst the more obvious triangles.
    What a cool family project.

  14. awesome. my cousin (he is in wa) and i (in ne) are doing a similar 365. picking a word for the week and posting pics each day. fun to see your pictures!

  15. oh how fun is this?
    what a great way to connect with your family.

  16. Just reading those lyrics gave me a nostalgic thrill. Love them both and I'll probably be singing along now. Great triangle photos. I really like this idea.


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