Here and There


I'm still here. Savoring the last, official weeks of summer.

our tomato jungle

Watching our tomatoes grow.

eating bruschetta

Eating bruschetta.

zucchini with a twist

Searching for zucchini recipes.

feeding the chickens

Collecting pullet eggs.

blackberry picking (and resting)

Picking blackberries.

But for the month of August, I'm also there. Over at Habit.

It was a virtual birthday present to receive the invitation. I was sad to see July come to an end as it meant the end of the open invitation to post to Habit's Flickr group. I'm sad no more.

Although we're busy summering, I'll try to keep up both here and there, sharing pictures of everywhere summer takes us before she packs up and takes off.

P.S. If you're in the mood to savor summer, head over to Today's Mama for their Summer Snaps series. Little ol' me was featured there yesterday, yet another virtual birthday treat.


  1. Loved the pictures - and was surprised to see the last one - lovely. Is a birthday wish in order? I know we share the same anniversary month - do we share the same birthday month as well?

  2. Tomatoes taller than a boy, amazing!

    I've been collecting zucchini recipes, because, well, what else are you going to do in August?

    Here are some lovely recipes, shared by my readers (I'm learning that a roasted zucchini fits in just about anywhere):


  3. The perfect depiction of summer!

  4. Great pictures! Love them all. We are doing lots of zucchini bread and I'm going to puree some to freeze. Maybe sneak it in some foods for the kids.

  5. I'm tickled knowing you are at Habit this month.

  6. What great shots! Love them. And it sounds like a great summer for you so far!

  7. That is one resourcefully-made swing in the top photo. And I love that last one with the kids at the edge of the field, languishing in a bit of shade. It's about as summery as it gets.

    Congratulations on guesting at Habit! It doesn't surprise me at all--your work is perfect for them. I loved following all your contributions in July, and now I get to keep following you!

    Happy birthday, my friend.

  8. Awesome swing! How clever! Love the summery photos.

  9. whoa! is that a shot of Jimmy Dean as a child? You have captured the timeless beauty of summer and youth!

  10. Your photos are wonderful! Definately great little pieces of time. I love the skate board swing and i love the last photo "picking blackberries".

  11. Huh. Our days are so much like yours. Damn the zucchini glut! Your melons are so big already! Wait...that came out so wrong...

  12. Your pictures definitely evoke the feeling of Summer. Love the skateboard swing! I found a recipe on someone's blog for Zucchini Egg Foo Yung that I'm planning to try. Thought we'd eat it with applesauce and sour cream on it like potato pancakes.


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