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on and on and on

I've been spending a lot of time in my room lately.

Enjoying the new linens we treated ourselves to on our 12th anniversary.

Finally painting the walls. I've only had the paint for a year or so. I think I lucked out with the color - I found it at Lowe's on the Oops! shelf of the paint department. Someone's bad is my good, and even better at $2.50. One coat down and hopefully just one more to go.

Reading a book I've been talking about reading for years. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

I've written about them before, but they are worth repeating. The four agreements:

1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Don't take anything personally.
3. Don't make assumptions.
4. Always do your best.

Though I've been chanting these agreements to myself ever since I heard them, I'm really benefiting from reading more about each agreement. Tell me if this sounds familiar:

"We make an assumption, we misunderstand, we take it personally, and we end up creating a whole big drama for nothing.

All the sadness and drama you have lived in your life was rooted in making assumptions and taking things personally." p. 64

Where have you been all my life Mr. Ruiz? If only I'd met you sooner I could have saved so much grief! You've summed it all up in such easy words and made everything so clear and I will do my best to keep these agreements. I'll also do my best to finish painting my room and make my bed every day. But first, I'm going to finish reading your book. It's so nice sitting here under the ceiling fan, reading quietly and sniffing paint fumes.


  1. Several years ago an administrator I was working for sent us the Four Agreements in her weekly update. I have had them posted in my classroom ever since. I didn't know there was a book... where have I been?! Thanks for sharing I will put it on my "to Read" list.

  2. Oh my gosh, I just packed this in my suitcase TODAY to take with me on my summer trip. It has been floating around on my bookshelves since right after it was published. I, too, knew what the agreements were from thumbing through the book when I first got it, always intending to dig deeper and read...and I guess this is the year! =-) I love the photo of the beach towels hanging...so very summer...I hope you have a great one!=-) Debby Mc

  3. I know a couple teens and pre-teens that are getting a copy well before Graduation! I'd never heard of it before, but think it should be on a High Schooler's Must Read list.

    Brilliant! And love the paint color, too.

  4. I'm comforted by the fact that you've had the paint for awhile and are just now painting. I have some of that too. I haven't read your book recommendation, but it sounds wonderful.

  5. This book looks wonderful. When I logged onto my library to reserve it, the 5th Agreement popped up. It was just published this year.

    The recommendation comes just in time. I was at the beach today with nothing to read.


  6. That book is great Molly...
    Treating yourselves to new bed linens for your anniversary is such an aswesome idea!
    Our 14th is today... might just have to get some new sheets!

  7. I found that book at an important moment in my life too.

    I just checked out some previous posts I missed. You photos are just stunning. Always make me happy.

  8. Hmm. I will check out that book.
    Love new bed linens.... and you have inspired me to get going on my summer paint project.

  9. I love the paint color and the soothing idea of sitting calmly and quietly in your beautiful room reading such a book.

  10. I may have to check that book from the library! And we definitely need to paint our bedroom -- I love the idea of an "oops" section!

  11. "Don't take anything personally."
    Oh, that is some simple wisdom that really speaks to me today.

  12. I did read Mr. Ruiz earlier, when you first mentioned it here, and I believe the four agreements with all my heart... AND I still violate all four--maybe not #4 as much as the rest--what I need is a room to paint!

  13. I could really use some work in the don't take anything personally department. I really hate that about myself, buy I am sort of glad that there is an entire book devoted to addressing these issues, so I guess I am not alone!
    We are doing lots of painting around here too. Really it's Jonny doing all of it, but I still say "we."

  14. oh goody. yet another book to put on my list. This list that I wonder if I will ever live long enough to read through.

    my bedroom is the same color, only my paint did not cost. $2.50 (nice score!). I like it because I feel like I'm in a big glass of chocolate milk.

  15. AnonymousJuly 02, 2010

    My copy of this book is well worn, highlighted, with notes in the margins.

    In fact, it deserves another read soon.
    Maybe this weekend....

  16. I love this book too! probably a good time for rereading methinks.

  17. AnonymousJuly 03, 2010

    I have never heard of it but the quotes fit ME to a T. its on my reading list. thanks


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