be glad

Life isn't always a handmade berry bowl full of locally grown cherries. Just sayin'.

But living mindfully means not minding the occasional bad day. Or two. But no more.

How bad can a day be when it's cherry season?

Here are a few more things cheering me up:

* This version of Poker Face and this version of Paparazzi. I'm not gaga over Lady Gaga, but I love what she's inspiring in others.

* Brown rice cooked in 15 minutes. Secret: pressure cooker. My friend Tricia taught me how to make it: Bring 5 1/2 cups of water to a boil in your pressure cooker. Add 1 1/2 cups brown rice, a little salt, maybe some oil or butter to reduce foam, cover and bring to pressure. Cook at full steam for 15 minutes, release pressure, drain and rinse rice. Perfection.

* Doing a sink full of dishes with 1 tablespoon of castille soap, 1 tablespoon vinegar, 1 tablespoon baking soda. Not super sudsy, but pretty darn clean.

* Making gnocchi for dinner.

* Day 3 of a satisfactorily clean kitchen.

* This post at 3191. I can totally relate.

* Winning a copy of the Alabama Stitch Book! Thank you Gina!

OK. I'm going to eat some more cherries, crank up the Glee soundtracks (I bought all three), and Bust a Move.


  1. Good encouraging words! Thank you!

  2. Oh, really there isn't anything that a bowl full of fresh cherries can't make better!

  3. It's almost night here. Here's what cheered me up. Finding just the right sideboard (and red!) at the antique mall for my dining room. I'd been looking forever. Winning a Cath Kidston book today from another blogger. And receiving a wonderful gift in the mail from yet another. A pretty darned good day!

  4. How awesome that you won that book from Gina!
    She's a stitching goddess.

  5. Love the Glee soundtracks! ANd I just bought a bottle of castille soap for that very purpose.

  6. I was just talking about you and your castille soap.

    Thinking about cherries makes me happy.

    I think our skies might lighten up today which also makes me happy.

  7. Lovely Links!
    Cool tip for brown rice.
    Cherries and handmade pottery; heaven is a place on earth.
    happy long weekend!

  8. I have been addicted to these two exact versions of these songs, too. I think the Lady should write a musical!

  9. Cherries haven't quite come in here yet, but our local strawberries are starting! There's nothing quite like a ripe Oregon strawberry.

    And they're a lovely touch of a color in an otherwise cloudy existence. What a spring it has been (cloudy, gray, wet - so much more than usual).

    I've never made rice in a pressure cooker, but love my rice cooker! I don't know how I ever lived without one.

  10. I am loving your posts. I HAVE to find some castille soap. Buying laundry and dish soap really kills me these days. If you send me your mailing address I'll send you some prints of my drawings. They wont be the best print quality (boo) - but they'll be free, and since you helped inspire them, you deserve it. my email is angie(at)lilacwindow(dot)com
    Have a great "Glee" full day! yay for high-school musicals!

  11. You forgot to add the most important step in making brown rice in a pressure cooker: smother finished rice in sriracha sauce. (Oh wait, that only applies if you're a seven or eight-year-old boy.)

    If I'd known you were such a Glee fan, you could have sung along with L. Whenever I hear her singing "Keep on Loving You" I laugh out loud. REO Speedwagon? Really? That was one overplayed song back when I was in high school! (Tells you how ancient I am.)

  12. Oops, I just realized that I mixed up my REO Speedwagon. "I Can't Fight This Feeling" is the song from the soundtrack.

    Now I know what I'll be singing all day. Darned Glee soundtrack. I thought I'd purged REO Speedwagon from my brain years ago.

  13. SO, which dish soap recipe do you like better? The one you just mentioned, or the one you posted last week (lemon juice, tea tree oil...)? I was just gearing up to make my own and, of course, want to make the better one. Love that post from 3191. It made ME smile.

  14. yay for cherry season!
    i love your list, too.

  15. Oh Yeah! I recognize the card... I may have bought it too! I'm going to look through my stash.


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