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I tried and failed in the year 2008 to take and post a picture every day. I didn't even bother in 2009. Well here we are, ten days into 2010, and while I'm not going to officially commit myself to a picture a day for the year, I have in fact taken a picture every day of the year so far.

My focus is food, or anything related to what we put in our mouth every day. Food is one thing we all have in common. We all eat every day, more than once if we're fortunate. I hope to document what goes into our mouths this year, share recipes, and have a place to go to jog my memory when I don't know what to cook. The collection will be over on Flickr as a set: The Daily Bite.

Here are the first ten bites of the year:

ringing in the new year

corn husks


it takes a lot of beer to do yard work

we have eggs

dried peppers

she lost a molar

Sorry, this one's kind of gross. But she let me pull out her tooth, and I love pulling teeth. The loss of this molar certainly affected her bite.

cherries to be

OK, so I'm giving myself some freedom with this project. While this is a picture of an inedible branch, it's a sign that in about five to six months, we're going to have cherries. I can't wait to take pictures of those!


transferring homebrew

Two beer related shots in ten days. Don't be surprised if you see a lot of beer in The Daily Bite set. We bite a lot of beer around here.

And that's the news from A Foothill Home Companion, "where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average", and if I might add Mr. Keillor, all the food is photographed.


  1. These are beautiful shots! A great beginning to your project! I love the theme too.

  2. Love it all! Even the blood.

  3. these are impressive photos.
    clever you.

  4. awesome, molly.
    not that i would expect anything less.

  5. you have definitely upped the anty in these pictures - they are great! the blood one is gross!! I love the flickr set. fabulous idea.

  6. I love your theme. I failed last year. Am contemplating starting again when the baby is born, so I have a picture a day for her first year of life. Am I crazy?

  7. Well, I like the theme. The blood is unappetizing, but I can understand that losing the tooth affected her bite. I wish you persistence in accomplishing your ambition!

  8. Those photos are amazing!

  9. These are amazing! I can't believe you like pulling teeth! It was my least favorite part of childhood. I was so terrified that I made my mother belie the toothfairy.

  10. You take the most gorgeous food photographs. Really.

    I did the photo-a-day thing last year and despite the work, was reflecting today as I slid the last photos into the album that I'm so glad I did.

  11. Nice photos. I love that the first beer picture looks like a beer sunrise to me. =)

  12. um... wait.. can we go back to the part about how you love to pull teeth???? ::laughing:: I'd bite a lot of beer too hehehehe

  13. Hello! I have been one of your lurkers for years and I really love the simplicity and yet imaginative your blog is.

    You are really a talented photographer...

    :o) Karen


  14. Well I love your new banner! The girls are all looking in perfect directions for this shot! I loooove making banners too, just what am I going to do now with my new one!? lol Your photos are fabulous, I love this idea, the first photo looks like it could be a calendar shot or a book! hmmm... this would be a great idea for a book hint hint ; ) I find some food dishes really hard to photograph, I look forward to this series.

  15. Always love anything you post on your blog. I am hosting an art giveaway that you might find interesting. Stop by and take a peek when you have a chance.

  16. I love this project. Does it make you feel that you see the world with more clarity? I love the 2010 photo in blackeyed peas.

  17. You're so creative!! I'll enjoy your new project, I know, and look forward to duplicating some of your dishes!

  18. That next to last photo with the cake (?) in the pie plate?? Looks yummy! Please share what it is!

    We are food lovers, too. While we are eating our current meal, we talk about what we will eat for the next meal! :o)

  19. I could do w/out the bloody mouth but it's all part of life, right? I love all the other shots.

    Do you deal in home brew? Would love to see a post or two (maybe more?) about that whole process. My husband would love to do that.

  20. I was noticing that you had more on flickr than the typical shots for the blog!

    I tried to do a photo a day last year, and made it all the way through July before it started to disintegrate. I'm still playing with how I can do it, without putting too much pressure on myself when I fail.

    Did you make tamales?

  21. I was thinking tamales too....slurp! Beer, slurp! Bloody tooth (gah!) I luv pulling them out too but spit already! ;) Cool project, did you get the new lens yet??

  22. LOL, love the "quote". Glad I got to be part of the tamale picture! I love the banner of the girls. Guess I'll be taking pictures of our beer soon.

  23. I second Nancy's request for more beer info. My husband has been toying with the idea of home brew for the past couple of years, and yours looks tasty. Lovely photos of the food as well!

  24. This post makes me smile. :) I love your photos.

  25. Zoe is so proud whenever she loses a tooth. She's lost faith in the tooth fairy though...kinda sad really...great pics.
    Thanks again for the inspiration...Did I ever tell you that you rock? because you do.
    Rock on sister.

  26. Wow Molly... that's some great lookin' food and drink ya got there!
    What did you make with the peppers?

  27. This set/project is surely going to be a favorite of mine! (even the lost teeth :) )

  28. Lovely, photos, as always. And how did the tamales go?

  29. "we bite a lot of beer around here" hahah i love that. I look forward to your set !

  30. Ok. I just love this. That's all.

    cheers, Molly!

    (Do you do mole to go with your tamales...mostly because I want to write comments that include your name and mole, but also because that would make a lovely bite. Ok. Loopy. Must go to bed.)

  31. I LOVE these photos! And I love your description of A Foothill Companion...sounds lovely, like my kinda place.



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