Should I...

Make a mosaic of my favorite picture from each month of the past year?

Make an even bigger mosaic of all the stuff I made last year?

Make a slideshow of both and set it to music?

Drink another beer?

Call my daughter home before it gets much darker?

Watch another episode of Arrested Development and fall asleep on the couch?

Really, I don't know. Sure it's the end of the aughts and all, but do I have to do anything? Hasn't it all been done?

Oh wait! I haven't yet seen a collection of headers from '09. Do you know how much I love making headers? Seriously, if I could, I would change my header every day.

So here is my year in headers.

january 09 header
spring is just on the other side of the fence
chicken header
new header
strawberry and truck header
blueberry header
yellow header
butterfly header
new egg and strawberry header
november header
december header

12 headers. I love them each so much. Each one speaks volumes to me about the past year. The change of seasons, the food we ate, the places we went, and most of all, the places we stayed. Our foothill home, filled with our favorite companions. It's a very good place to be.

thank you

For visiting.


  1. Love this collection. I admire your creativity. Beautiful!

    Happy 2o1o.

  2. too funny...i was just thinking this afternoon that someone should do this as so many people's headers are constantly changing. yours are beautiful.

  3. Love seeing all those headers! What a great year end review!

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  5. I don't think I was reading your blog when you had your first header. I have to laugh though, because it reminds me a lot of mine right now. Love your headers and especially love your blog. Happy New Year.

  6. I found your blog recently and have been enjoying all the crafty inspiration here. This header post is lovely. I think I am the only person in blogland that does not know how to create a header. I've searched up and down for some instructions somewhere, but I'm stuck with an oversize picture and 3 font choices for type.
    I have a little header envy. Yours are so beautiful.
    Happy New Year

    Jane in BC

  7. Now - that's funny! I just put all my headers together on one sheet and we sat and looked at ours - an hour later - I see your post.

    I must say - I think I might like yours better. Someday I hope to have a camera that can capture better detail so I can do some of the single image banners like yours. I do love them so.

    Thank you again for all of the creativity and inspiration you give me. AND - the wooden puzzels you gave Adam - he has been playing with them like crazy again lately.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful year-end collection. (you know what's missing!)


  8. Yes, you have the BEST headers... oh, and go have another beer!

  9. and what an excellent header maker you are! I think my favourite still has to be number 2.
    Happy new year to you and thanks for such a lovely and inspiring blog Molly.

  10. Cool idea~

    I loved seeing the other headers since I only had seen the last five. Perhaps you can have a header info post soon....a lil DIY...since I, like Jane have header envy. I have even thought about getting a custom blog template just to fix it. But I digress....I think another beer is in order and calling the daughter in, otherwise it's all good. In response to your question, that totally is a rock and was the main reason I parked my tushy in that spot to get that shot. It's SOOC except for a crop...we were in La Jolla on Christmas, the tidepools are awesome and the waves were huge! I digress AGAIN. Anywho...Happy New Year to you as well, cheers! :)

  11. LOVE the headers. You are so talented! What an eye!

  12. -Or- You give good headers. hahaha

  13. We love visiting all your headers, too!

  14. I've loved every header and it was great to see the entire collection for this year! I've read your blog for a while, but I'm terrible at leaving a trace behind... Thank you so much for a truly inspirational blog and have a happy new year!

  15. Here's what I do when faced with a similar situation:

    Drink a beer and wait for the answer to hit me.

    After a while, if it is not yet clear, drink another beer, the answer is usually right there lurking just outside my consciousness.

    And then as the answer starts to reveal itself, drink another beer and wait for it to become crystal clear.

    Once my course of action is set, I drink another beer while determining next steps.

    Now I am ready to begin.

    Of course, by this time I have usually forgotten the original issue, wonder what I'm trying to accomplish and so....I...

    ....drink another beer.

    I'm not saying it's the most productive way to address an issue but it works for me!

    Happy New Year!


    p.s. The headers were all fabulous! I only started reading in early fall so it was fun to see the earlier ones. You are very talented!

  16. Your blog is one of my absolute favourites. Keep up the beautiful work in 2010.

    HNY! (:

  17. do you use a pc or mac computer? i love your work. happy new year!

  18. Very cool. Love the collection of headers.

  19. You do make the best headers - I'll have to sit down and learn. =)
    They are beautiful - would make a good calendar!

  20. Happy New Year! I love seeing your year through your headers.

  21. Absolutely GORGEOUS! I've always wondered how people do those banners - and how to get them on the blog - maybe your first new year gift to your blogger friends would be a little tutorial? hehehe

  22. What a fun way to ring in the new year. Each one is more spectacular than the next.

  23. I may have meant to say: each one is more spectacular than the last - but I'm not sure. I think you know what I mean though.

  24. I love banners/headers, too. So fun. HNY!

  25. love them! all of them!!


  26. They are all beautiful headers, but my favorite is the one with the old fence in the foreground and the new blossoms in the background. Second fave is the novelty of looking at your toes. May 2010 bring you many happy headers and all the best for the rest.

  27. You do have a rare gift for creating lovely headers! You could do a series of cards or something...very nice!

  28. you are so very good at making headers. i am glad you decided to share these, although the beer sounded good.. we all can enjoy the photos :)

  29. Loved this post.
    I have admired your headers. And I have often thought that I should learn how to do one. But, I need someone to walk me through it - that is how I learn best. So, I vote for the tutorial.
    I like the card idea too.

    Happy New Year.

  30. I'm with everyone else who wants a tutorial - everytime you change your header to something even more stunning than the one before,I tell myself I will learn how to do it but doing one was bad enough - lovely to hear others are the same - I thought it was just me! Really enjoyed seeing the year through your eyes - Best wishes for 2010 :)

  31. happy new year buddy ol' pal! lots of love sent to your lovely foothill home and all it's companions. xxooxxoo

  32. Love your blog...beautiful photos!
    Thanks for sharing!

  33. headers are my favorite too! I wish they "stuck" with the posts they first accompanied, if that makes any sense. it's great to see all of yours again.

  34. perfect perfect!! i too would love to see you do a tutorial for all of us header challenged readers! your collection is absolutely beautiful and your photography is stunning. love your blog

  35. Now I know just how long I've been reading (since the coffee/sunflower banner)! They are all beautiful and so inspiring! Thank you for that!

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  37. What a nice collection to come home to...thanks. I just got back from a week in Grass Valley and LOVED the smells, walks, hills, and friends. I envy you that your up there 24/7 but all too soon my chick will fly the coop and be off to college and then my will wish come true...bittersweet.
    Have a wonderfull new year and thanks for letting me visit.

  38. Happy New Year. What a lovely collection of headers.
    Cathy T

  39. that was like a trip down memory lane for me too! i have my favorites but they are all wonderful. i love seeing them all together like that. i look forward to the next 12 headers.
    happy new year molly : )

  40. and you make fabulous headers by the way!

  41. Ha ha! Okay, so I'm a follower and not very original ;-) Happy New Year to you, Molly!

  42. loving them, every single one of them! now you can go drink a beer and feel good about it! love your blog!

  43. You are such an artist, Molly, really. Why don't you bundle those headers and send them to a calendarmaker company- they'd make an excellent calendar, right? Maybe you should delete your blogname before, but you could add the months or a little poem instead...
    from Switzerland

  44. wow. you DO make excellent headers. I say keep changing 'em! And that was a great idea, by the way, to show us your year of headers in review. loving your blog.

  45. GORGEOUS collection, M!! : )

  46. Hi this is the first time I've come over to your blog and it looks beautiful. I saw your comment on the purple house and thought I'd come over to your blog. Love the strawberries and thanks for the banner info. by the found stainless steel straws on amazon. How awesome!

  47. Your banners are all gorgeous! What a great idea to put them all in one post. I'm always a little sad when I retire one of mine and move on to the next month, so I think I'm going to have to borrow your genius idea. Thanks!

  48. Great post! I'm SO using this!!!


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