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lisa leonard designs

When I first saw this necklace on Lisa's site, Lisa Leonard Designs, I knew it was for me. After all, I am the woodcutter's wife. And though George and I have never carved our initials in a tree, we have spent many days bonding over the chainsaw, wood splitter, and wood pile.

I've seen Lisa's beautiful necklaces on many different blogs, but to see her designs in person is even better. The quality and craftsmanship of her jewelry is outstanding. Solidly constructed of sterling silver, I'm confident that my necklace will survive my lifestyle and my children.

Thanks to Lisa Leonard, George and I now have our initials forever immortalized. If you haven't already visited Lisa's site, go now. You're bound to find an inspired piece of finely crafted jewelry that is just right for you or someone you love.

Lisa has generously extended a 10% discount to readers of A Foothill Home Companion. Simply enter this code at checkout: 'findbeauty'. You will certainly find beauty in Lisa's creations.


  1. That is beautiful and so very perfect - it made me instantly happy. I love it when something so simple carries so much heartfelt complexity.

  2. Perfect necklace for you Molly, can't wait to see it.

  3. Hey Molly!

    I love her stuff and her blog! I have been debating on which necklace to get myself. I think I want my kids names, but yours is so cute too!

  4. Who is G and M ?????
    Just kidding!
    Love the thought, and glad it isn't on a tree in the middle of nowhere but on your wonderful and lovely neck.

  5. Yes. Her pieces are quite lovely.
    I am thrilled you have one to call your own.

  6. so beautiful and appropriate!


  7. Oh, that's so cute. And it brings to mind your "we're splitting" photo, which is one of my favorites.

    Looks like you got yourself a sponsor! Good for you!

  8. I've always LOVED her work and hope to get a piece someday! LOVE your necklace, how perfect and so sweet & simple yet unique! :)

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  10. I had my eye on one of her pieces, also.
    yours is absolutely perfect, and i love that you are the woodcutter's wife!

  11. ohhhhhhhhh!!! i saw that tree and instantly fell in love. enjoy that sweet piece of art!


  12. Love this necklace. Now I'm off to check out her site. I'm new to your blog and have to say I really like it alot!!


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