My Day

My day was another trip to Staples to buy 30 more notebooks for a penny a piece.

My day was a frozen pizza for lunch and a bag of salt and vinegar kettle chips.

sock monkey in progress

My day was a pair of socks cut apart, rearranged, and sewn into a sock monkey.

origami butterflies

My day was making origami butterflies and paper planes.


My day was children fighting, then helping each other, then fighting, then figuring out how to leave each other alone, if only for a few minutes.

My day was getting rid of a desk to a fellow freecycler.

My day was picking red onions out of Avery's taco.

My day was wild rice soup made with apples picked from the neighbor's tree and goat gouda (which I don't think I like).

My day was collecting six eggs, none cracked, and none blue.

My day was good, hot, messy, full. How was your day?


  1. I think I'd like to spend a day with you and yours. I really really would.

  2. Today I finished a book.

    Today I cried wasabi tears.

    Today I am baking, broiling, sauteing, etc., before all the veggies get too old.

  3. My day has been pretty good. I got a bunch of uncomfortable work out of the way, received a job offer (maybe), drank too much coffee, went for a run, baked a wild-mushroom quiche, harvested the first tomatoes, made a tomato salad, drank a couple of glasses of red wine, and visited a few blogs... I'm happy.

  4. My day involved finding a house from which I brought a new tupperware lid for my lettuce crisper container after it had been punctured with "breathe holes" for a caterpillar. I found it on trade me for $2. problem solved.

    Receiving inspiring emails from my new friend in Canada

    Children screaming, crying, laughing and smelling weird

    Buying my soon to be 10 year old a cell phone for his birthday. Don't know how I feel about this one :/

  5. Today I exercised!
    Today I read a book.
    I am sure I did much more than this...

    Love your photographs.

  6. My day was running 3.5 miles in my old shoes, deciding that the new ones just don't work for me.

    My day was looking at kitchen towels for inspiration and hoping that the napkins I'm making for their wedding present fit their style.

    My day was emailing about payment on a future graphic design project.

    My day was driving out to the outskirts of town to lay on the hood of the car and watch for shooting stars.

    I'd kind of like to do this once a week, this what my day was thing.

  7. umm, probably (yesterday) was not my best day. I will leave it at that. But today is a NEW day for which I am very thankful.

  8. It is early yet here in Montana, so I will go with yesterday.

    My old friend Emily came for a visit, I love her dearly.

    Putting another super on our honeybees.

    Sundays with homemade chocolate sauce.. a treat from my best friend Camilla and then the kids ran through the grass at the park.

    Chasing the chickens off of the porch ..once again.

    Pickles (just canned) from my sister-in-law next door.

    A surprise for my Dad on his birthday.

    A phone call to my brother far away.

    Tucking the kids into bed and falling asleep next to my love.

    Thank you for asking Molly :)

  9. Your day sounds wonderful! Hmm, except maybe the children fighting part--that wears me down to nothing, fast! :)

    My day was being chased by a rooster, finding the garden sprinkler had been left on overnight, and a visit to the ENT. Not so great, but we did get 9 eggs--2 cracked, 1 blue--so I guess it wasn't so bad :)

    I love your blog, and I hope today is another blue egg day for you!

  10. I cleaned the house
    I went by the doctors
    I made some head bands
    I drank iced tea
    I laughed with a friend

    It was a good day.

  11. Today was...
    Watching a hen lay a blue egg standing,
    Today was...
    A walk in the rain
    Today was...
    A day that I will never get the chance to live again and I loved that special day!

  12. Lovely to read about your day Molly,

    My day was spent worrying abut the CD i couldn't eject from my macbook.

    All fixed now though!

    Emma x

  13. My day was a sick boy in the middle of the night.

    A still sick boy in the morning.

    A guilty trip to the hair salon! (Sick boy with blessed babysitter!)

    Two kids' naps at two different times, so no blogging for me!

    And now, a few minutes between snacks for checking out other fabulous women and their blogs!

    Also found out great news about a friend who is 40 with 4 kids under 5--cancer free!!! Thank God!

  14. that sounds like a good day. mine was a water park and volleyball practice. not bad, either.

  15. so good to hear you're in a better hue!

    slept in. alex made their breakfast. and coffee, which we don't usually have. a luxury.
    made some rather disastrous looking, but delicious cookies.
    canned five jars of apple butter.
    hiked up to a pond that we frequent with a friend and her son and my boys.
    painted my toenails.
    long phone conversation with my sister.

    a good hued day, too.

  16. Today started at the Marriott near Market St. in San Fransisco with my daughter (she went on a business trip with me).

    8 AM sat in a steam room, then went shopping in S.F., then worked on the drive home while daughter drove.

    Got home and took my youngest son to high school orientation. . . oh, baby, they're all growing up!

    Then I found an orthopedic surgeon in S. Lake Tahoe to fix my knee soon!

    Made dinner.
    Resumed helping kids clean out and organize rooms.
    Watered plants etc.
    Whew -- now I'm dropping off to sleep!

  17. had to come back and add that i just tried to reserve some bee books on the online library and discovered that i had to pay a $79 fine for a Star Wars book. A book that I didn't want the boys to check out anyway.
    so my days color changed a bit.

    although i did reserve those books!

  18. My day was quiet.
    My day was folding laundry.
    My day was repeatedly cleaning up ashes spread across the living room by my son.
    But my day was good.

  19. my day is awaking
    my day has tim horton's coffee in a starbucks mug
    my day is without food
    my day has children still sleeping
    my day is shifting to plan b because plan a needs sun and we have rain
    my day is full of uncaptured moments yet to come

  20. I loved reading this post - your day sounds full of life!

    Upon reflecting upon your words I have realized by 14 years have moved past the "fighting" stage and they rarely have a mean word to say to the other - hmm? I wonder when that happened. But, I am so thankful that I have noticed it.


  21. My day was great. I love the book in the last picture, by the way. Goodnight Moon was my favorite as a little girl!

  22. I love this list of things in your day. I especially love your bright blue sock monkey and those salt & vinegar chips!

  23. Your day sounds like a good day.


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