If you send your boys to get hay,

they might come home with new friends.

aidan and cornelia

Two new friends to be exact. Fluffy and Cornelia (Corny for short) are Barred Rock hens. We hope. I read recently that you can sex young chicks by throwing a hat or hankie over their head. A rooster will lift his head up when covered, while a hen will lie down. I'm pretty sure we'll be conducting this experiment when Fluffy and Cornelia get a little bigger.

Another new chicken related addition this weekend:

nesting boxes

Perches and nesting boxes, made from repurposed closet storage units and materials. I love them. Let's hope the chickens do too.

building with boys

Aidan and his friends helped George build the boxes. George is so patient with these boys, giving them turns using the tools, assigning them tasks, including them in the process. May these young boys grow up to be good daddies. May they love children and chickens alike.

My brother recently told me, "I fall in love at least several times a day."

chicken love

Love is good. Especially chicken love.


  1. AnonymousJune 02, 2009

    i love the black and photos and it will be fun to see corny and fluffy grow up. george is right, i too fall in love at least several times a day. who is this patient man, george??
    :O) sherry

  2. I know how he feels, your brother. I feel like that, too.
    Love the black and white photos, Molly.

  3. ohhh, I'm all kinds of nostalgic for our little Barred Rocks who are one month old. They are such cute chicks, are they not!? I'd love to see more of your coop set-up, as we are getting ready to build ours. ;) Sally

  4. oh, and you do have the most wonderful husband *ever.*

  5. So sweet! Great photos:)

  6. AnonymousJune 02, 2009

    I love my ladies too. Who knew I could find it in my heart to love six chickens.

  7. AnonymousJune 02, 2009

    aw. I wish I had chickens several times a day.

  8. Our ducks at school hatched yesterday and all 'formal' education has ceased and learning in the form of duck watching and petting and observing has begun...our days are so full!

  9. AnonymousJune 02, 2009

    How adorable! That is so interesting about finding out the sex of the chickens.

  10. I love your repurposed closet idea - perfect. Our coop is nearly done but not quite. We still need to add the nesting box and perch. In the meantime I threw some branches on the ground as temporary perches.

    I may have to go get a closet bar ....

  11. Sweet black and white photos!
    We loooove chickens around here : )
    Your nesting boxes are so lovely!

  12. I've started reading your blog recently and I think this particular entry is very lovely; poetic and sweet. It made me smile. And the photographs remind me of the type of photos in The Sun (magazine).

  13. Great pictures, Molly :) It's fun having your chickens next door - I enjoy feeding them scraps and watching them grow up. Their just a part of the neighborhood now!

  14. Excellent job on the recycled chicken boxes---it's like a poultry version of the Hilton! (but do you serve a continental breakfast?) I'm so glad that you're sharing your adventures in chooking & possibly creating even more feathered flock enthusiasts. Fresh eggs are the best!

  15. welcome to the hen (hopefully) house fluffy and cornelia!! i think we might have a barred rock and a dominique instead of two dominiques. no matter now. chicken love is blind to breed. we were, however, chuckling over the funny looking babies we'd get if our polish, toshiko, turns out to be a rooster. she/he's got one crazy hairdo.

  16. Sooo sweet he included the boys... That is the best way to teach them to be good dads! Cheers Dad!!
    That first pic is just adorable!

  17. How wonderful! Love your nesting boxes. Congrats on the new friends and thanks for the hanky tip. Makes me laugh as Helen always squats down when I go to pick her up. Surely a lady!!

  18. i wonder if the hankie trick really works....

  19. Sweet, and I love your brother's line about falling in love several times a day!

  20. I love your new boxes and chicks. We're getting our first chicks today and I'm SO excited!

  21. oh what a lovely coop for your chickens! may they bring you hours of joy and tons of eggs! I know mine have. I love my chicken girls:) So good for kids to connect with this sort of thing.


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