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and the winners are...

First off, the winners of the covered stones are:

Christina of A Homemaker's Journal and Jackie of Smoothpebble

Christina has a recipe up right now for mint bars, which I think my neighbor Marjorie (who is crazy for chocolate and mint) should definitely make and bring over to share (wink, wink). Jackie recently posted a tutorial for making a moss terrarium. Avery and I just started one this morning.

The rest of this post is dedicated to random tid-bits that I'd like to share with you all.


Do you like these daffodils? Me too. I really liked them when they were growing in the backyard - a little touch of natural beauty in an otherwise ugly backyard. Then Aidan and his cohorts decided to dig traps and bait them with daffodils. I don't know what they were trying to catch besides my wrath. But in the end, I took a deep breath, gathered up the flowers and put them in a jar. We probably enjoyed them more inside than outside. Aidan is forgiven.

broccoli rabe

Are you eating your winter greens? I highly recommend broccoli rabe. I bought a bunch at the farmer's market over the weekend and sauteed it with olive oil, garlic, and added a splash of soy sauce and lemon juice just before serving. 75% of our family loved it, while 25% made quite the funny face upon taking a bite. I'm too nice to share that photo, but I will share this self portrait by Avery.

avery, self portrait

She's been having fun using my tripod and camera. Avery returned to homeschooling after the holidays. It's great having her back at home, though I'm a little sad each morning when I send Aidan off to school. I've got one in bed and one on the bus. Avery is thrilled to have me to herself for hours each day, but I have a feeling she'll have to share me one of these days.

I escaped to the thrift store for a few hours over the weekend and found this little beauty.

original watercolor, $1.49

I moved some pictures around and ended up patching some holes and touching up paint. Somebody asked about the wall color in my living room a few months back. The color is Topal from True Value.

Have you checked out Stefani of Blue Yonder's new flickr group, In Real Life? You probably know by now that I'm a big fan of keeping it real, so this group is right up my alley. I've got some real pictures and a big dose of truth to share tomorrow.

Speaking of Stefani, we're thoroughly enjoying our Book of Days. The "eggsperiment" was a big hit, and this morning Avery completed the "Remembering January" page. I love the concept of doing an exit interview at the end of each month. Avery's favorite time spent with family this month was "watching National Geographic" (Hulu has several full length documentaries you can watch online). If you haven't purchased your own Book of Days yet, hop over to the Crafty Crow for a chance to win a year's subscription.

In other book news, Dallas Clayton emailed to tell me about his children's book, An Awesome Book. If you're a big dreamer, or sleep under the same roof with big dreamers, check out the book. It's quite special.

If you dream of helping others in a big way, check out Craft Hope. Jade of Chik Austin is coordinating an effort to send handmade dresses and shorts to orphanages in Mexico and South America. I have several pillow cases that are begging to be transformed into dresses using maya*made's tutorial.

OK. That's all for local news. We're off to buy some coconut popsicles.


  1. Wow, love that thrifted painting! And I'm probably going to lie awake tonight trying to figure out what you'd use daffodils as bait for!

  2. very nice pics! like the new pic too! great find.

    good for you on helping out those in need. my mom's group is getting together night to make some blankets for a children's hosp in Chicago, Il. Here is a link to hospitals who are in need of items:

  3. Thanks so much for all the great links in this post, Molly. And thanks for keeping it real. Something about reading your blog always brings me back to center, when I feel like I'm not doing the "right" thing on mine.
    And I've got the broccoli rabe and garlic all chopped up and ready to go tonight, waiting for my dinner companion to come home.
    Envious of daffodils in February, I am,
    Truly, Tara

  4. I love coconut popsicles! Now daffodils as bait is something I have never seen. I might be baited by them though. In fact, now that I think of it - I might have been baited by tulips before - a smart move on the part of my husband before he was my husband. Very nice post.

  5. Hi Molly. Congrats on having your gal back in the homeschooling groove. I am happy for the both of you!

  6. Your daffodils are gorgeous, having grown up on the east coast I still can't believe we get daffodils in Feb.! So amazing. by the way what farmers market did you go to? The farmers market here in P-ville is only in the summer and spring!

  7. avery's sp is beautiful. henry likes to play with my camera too, but the tripod usually becomes his telescope.

    i was so happy to hear that she's back homeschooling.
    you are so great to let her make these decisions for herself. i'm sure its great to spend that time together.

    love the thrifted painting. what a find! if i had been with you we may have had to thumb wrestle or something for it! it reminds me of some paintings my grandparents have in their collection.

  8. You have so much goodness going on in this post!
    Love that painting, what a score!

  9. Oh Molly! I love seeing your daffodils! Funny how little fingers are so drawn to them.

    And HOW I long for those fresh greens. Peas and kale are going in next week, come Hell or high water!!!

  10. I'm thinking of making a terrarium after the paperwhites are done.

    And I discovered hulu right before you mentioned it to me yesterday, and wow, I feel like my life has been changed!

  11. wow, Avery is back home! That is exciting news. And you know I love that painting!

  12. Our daffodils are getting ready to bloom, I'm afraid they will be open and closed by the time we get back from Utah! Boo hoo.

  13. I love the local news, Molly! I count on you to keep me informed ;)

    And I will check out the mint bars... yumm! I do owe you something - in the mood for mint? Thank you for all the help lately; patches, dog walking, etc. You are the best neighbor evah!!

  14. thanks for linking to us molly! i, too, just discovered that book and love it.

  15. just looking at daffodils perked me right up. we won't get daffodils for many weeks yet, but now I'm thinking I'll just paint our bedroom that color instead of waiting until spring!

  16. Love those two-toned daffodils! We have months before I'll see ours, so I really appreciate your beauties.They made my day so much brighter. Welcome home to Avery. I hope you both enjoy these moments together! Great links and I'm off to follow them. I'm really excited about Craft Hope and am so appreciative that you've brought it to our attention.In my travels to Mexico, it has been the children on the street that have stayed with me the most... haunting me. What a very personal way to make a small difference. Thanks, Molly. You're sooo good.

  17. You have daffodils in your yard already? Lucky, lucky you. I gave in to my cabin fever and bought myself some from the floral section in Safeway last week. I was homeschooled almost my entire school career. I loved it. The water color is beautiful. And I'm so excited to have won a rock.

    daffodils for bait...WHAT?!?...

  18. First, thank you thank you, you sweet girl you! We're so glad that you are enjoying it!

    Second - AVERY'S HOME?????? YAY!!!!!

    Third - Okay, Dallas emailed me too, and isn't it such a great book? Have you watched his video. My kids play it like 8 times a day. They are convinced that anyone that funny should write 10 more books tomorrow.

    And yeah... Craft Hope... totally rockin'.

    Oh, and you good good mama, for just putting them in a vase and carrying on. What else can you do?

  19. Thanks for that bit of spring Aidan! If you hadn't picked them we might not have gotten that bit of color in our day!
    I could spend lots of time with your links today - love the In Real Life idea.
    And Avery's self potrait is lovely!
    Now I'm off to make mint bars since I have no neighbor making them for me. :)
    Doing the happy dance today about getting some of your handiwork!


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