Sunday Afternoon

sunday afternoon

What? Your living room doesn't look like this?

Every year we move the furniture around to accommodate our large table for Thanksgiving, and don't move the furniture back for at least a month. And what a wonderful month it is. I set up a work space and get crafting. December is typically a very creative and productive month for me. I have barely stepped away from the sewing machine for the last three days.

Right now, my belly is full from breakfast at our favorite diner, Aidan is lounging in his sleeping bag in front of the fire, and A Prairie Home Companion is playing on the radio. Life is good - and to make it even better, I don't have to cook dinner. My sister-in-law is making lasagna; she makes the best lasagna I've ever had.

baby hats

I finished up a batch of baby hats for Mama-to-Mama, just barely in time for the December 10th deadline. It was while making these hats last month that my old Singer started protesting. Let me just say, Bernie hums while making these hats. She doesn't miss a stitch. I just love Bernie. I can't wait to show you what we've been busy sewing this weekend.

Whether you're relaxing or busy working, I hope you're having a lovely Sunday afternoon.

P.S. Kristin, there's a clue in the first picture just for you. More to come this week. And Maya, I can't wait to see what's in your shop tomorrow. Hope you both get some rest tonight, my East Coast insomniac friends.


  1. My whole house looks like this at the moment! And we already cleaned up the snowflake-cutting remnants!

  2. I have Christmas card entrails everywhere. Just finished the assembly this afternoon! Next stop: the post office.

    I need to get away from this computer and pick up the scraps of paper now.

  3. Yes, my house looks worse than this. Congratulations on your new shop!

  4. That space is beautiful, fun and comforting!
    LOVE the hats - little things like that make me so broody, it's dangerous!

  5. My living room does indeed look like this! I keep thinking I will get it under control at any moment, but then I find more projects I just need to do. lol

  6. Ha, this is what my house is going to look like too over the next few weeks! And I'm unplugging myself from the info-crack machine - otherwise I'll have to miss sleep like the insomnia girls, and I'm not about to do that! Happy Creating!

  7. I thought of you the other day! I got a book that shows how to make a crocheted silver flower pendant! I thought of your pear leaves immediately!!!

    Have a great week!

  8. If the clue was for me...I see it! Can't wait to see and hear more!!
    I love your lived in space; our spaces are for living after all.

  9. OF course our house looks like this on Sunday, and all the other days as well sometimes!!

    I hope you have gotten my yahoo e-mails...either way I know my PayPal payment went through and I am excited to use the camera strap and put the acorn necklace into someone's stocking this year!

  10. actually, my living room looks a lot like that!

  11. congrats on the new shop ! i had sooo much to catch up on !! you've been so busy ! everything looks wonderful! hopefully i won't fall behind again!

  12. not only does my house look like this on Sunday afternoons. It looks like this now!


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