What A Difference A Day Makes

First of all, a huge, ginormous thanks to all of you for your kind, supportive and encouraging comments on my last post. I was an absolute wreck Wednesday morning when I decided to shift my burden to the shoulders of my online comrades, and boy did you carry my load graciously. I can't tell you how much your words lifted my spirits. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy days to reach out to me.

For those of you who want the rest of the story, Avery and Aidan are extremely happy at school. Aidan's dream came true and he has a super nice teacher. Avery has already established her position as teacher's pet (I know what you're thinking Mom and Dad, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree). They've made new friends, received invitations to parties, and identified the bullies and queen bees. We've had several conversations about staying away from such troublemakers, like the girl on the playground who boasted her parents were so rich they paid the school extra money so she could break the dress code. Why does there have to be one of those girls on every playground?

after school snack

Doesn't that look like a happy face? For a very attached mamma's boy, he is easing into his new role with surprising ease and style.

I've shed no more tears since Wednesday morning. My biggest fear was that my kids would be unhappy with their decision, but their huge smiles after school laid my fear to rest. I miss them while they're gone, but the time really does fly. I am enjoying the quiet, the house that stays clean for more than five minutes, and the opportunity to work on my own projects.

Two quotes have sustained me through the last two weeks:

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain." Maya Angelou

"Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." Abraham Lincoln

I think perhaps those two thoughts sum up almost every self help book on the market. They have certainly worked for me. I've changed my attitude and decided to be happy. And now I'm off to find some more happiness at the half-off sale at Salvation Army. Have a wonderful weekend friends!


  1. Your kids are so personable and strong! They are going to do awesome and make so many friends! I wish we got to see them more often. Give them a big hug and kiss from their Aunt Michelle and Uncle Rob!!

  2. Another amazing post! Very cool lunch box for Aidan. I'm sure you were overwhelmed with the number of posts, I was so impressed with the depth of the comments. Great people out there!

  3. oh yes,


    i love those quotes...need them where i can see them.

  4. Wow! I missed the whole thing. I will (if it comes up) support my kids in going to school. I'm sure that was not easy! I'm glad that it is going well and wherever they end up, they are lucky to have you watching their back.

  5. Thank you for those quotes! If I weren't so embarassed at how much I need them, I'd hand them on the refrigerator.

  6. Oh hooray! I'm so glad it's working out well. I've been thinking of you.

  7. I waited to comment, Molly girl because I was so touched at your words I needed to think what I wanted to say. Every good and loving mother goes through that when her children begin to grow away regardless of the age..I remember the feeling well but they will always stay close because they know who loves them most...mom and dad! From a loving grandmother in the north

  8. hi molly - i've been playing catch up and wanted to let you know that you are indeed a strong woman to listen to your kids, follow their leads and support them in their education. i'm glad to hear they are liking it so far, too!

  9. Great job Mama! I love those lunch boxes!! And, I must admit, I am intensely jealous of you and your free time. Though my kids are in school (or will be in September) I still have another year before the little one even starts kindergarten.

  10. After reading today's post I checked comments on the previous post and was surprised to see how many comment you received. What support you have from your blog friends! Of course- we are not realy surprised by anything you do, 'cause we KNOW how wonderful you are, and trust your judgement.
    Sorry we will miss you next week in Tahoe, but you wiil be with us in spirit!
    Love all;

  11. i just have to resign myself to the fact that I will never cease to be amazed at the miracle of the individual emerging like a butterfly from the cocoon... well Okay, Avery was BORN a butterfly,BUT Molly! where did baby Aiden go?! Shouldn't he still be safely in your/his cocoon? Why does he look so old and independent here?

  12. Thank you for sharing the perfect quotes...I need to remember them.

    How much does one pay to be allowed to break the dress code?

  13. I had a sneaking suspicion they might come home all smiles! Well done, you!

    But what I REALLY want to know is, where the heck you got those dang cute lunch pails?!?!?

  14. yeah for you Molly! Hey, selfishly I am looking forward to more great blogging entries and crafty tales from you. Who knows where this might lead? I am excited.

  15. Molly -
    Whew! what a sigh of relief for you! You've given me much confidence to follow my gut and help my children to make good decisions of their own!

  16. I agree with your dad: do what is right at the time and hope for the best. It looks as if it went well. My sons are grown now but when I look back, those times I trusted judgement and did what I thought was right usually produced a good outcome.

    I love the little tiffin box.

  17. Glad it went well for them. :)


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