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teeny bopper

When did I become old enough to have a daughter who desired to hang posters of teeny boppers on her wall?

Today. Today I am old enough. Today I am 32.

I'd like to blame my advancing age for my lapse in judgement to actually buy my daughter a teeny bopper magazine filled with teeny bopper posters. Or it might have been that I was completely overwhelmed in the grocery store checkout line, holding a 40 plus pound boy with a 100 plus degree fever who had but one request: store bought lettuce. How could I deny him such a simple request? And how could I deny my daughter's simple request for a teeny bopper magazine? I remember summers, 20 plus years ago, that I begged and pleaded for a copy of Teen Beat, just so I could drool over pictures of Ricky Schroeder, Kirk Cameron, and the lesser known Chris Young.

I should be grateful that Avery is hanging pictures of girl teeny boppers on her wall, rather than pictures of boys. I am definitely not old enough for that.


  1. Happy happy birthday!! You're a youngster. :)

    And I'm sorry about that teenybopper magazine. Luckily the phase passes quickly.

  2. OH my!! yes some day I'm sure my day will come. I was head over heals, for Cindy Lauper and Michael Jackson. Who will it be when my kids are old enough? hmmm

  3. Happy Birthday Molly. I'm sure your brother will be calling you sometime today. Have a great day!!!!

  4. Do you still have Ricky's autograph? I still have the New Kids on the Block CD, and look how they are making a comeback!Does store bought vs. home grown lettuce taste that different?
    Have a WONDERFUL day!
    Love you lots!

  5. Love your new photo header. I'm surprised - and delighted - by the palate of colors!!

  6. Is it your birthday today? It is my hubby's, too...No wonder I love you:)!
    That magazine? One more example of why you are an awesome mama. Letting her find her way.
    Happy birthday, I hope your year is full of joy and discovery.

  7. 32? You are still a spring chicken! Happy Birthday.

    I'm just 33ish and my kids are still too young for teenybopper stuff though - and they are boys. Whew!


  8. happy birthday to you!
    your birthdays are few.
    happy birthday dear molly
    I've been thinking of you!

  9. Happy BIrthday!!!!

    And yeah, I totally had a thing for Ricky too... and the Coreys... Haim and Feldman. I about had a complete conniption with they did "Dream and LIttle Dream" together.. like OMG, they're both on the SAME screen!

  10. This is Dad checking in with a reality check.
    You may be 3o+ or 29 and holding, but your poor old dad can move into a senior community, order from Denny's senior menu, get cheap coffee from McDonalds this year, etc. (No I won't do any of the above)
    Thanks for making me feel my age!

  11. Happy Birthday girl! Hope you had a good day today!!!

    I had a thing for kirk cameron too.. swoon!

  12. Happy b-day! BTW~ the "teeny bopper" in that picture is "23" (ack!) and don't ask me how I know (lol!). ;)

  13. Chris Young. . . totally had his Bop magazine picture on my wall! Ah, "The Great Outdoors" was an all time fav. movie of mine!

  14. I didn't know our b-days were so close! Happy birthday! 32 is just a great age, but I'd only go back if I could take my hard-won wisdom with me! (yup, I am a bit wiser, that's how I know I'm getting old, I can say that without an ounce of self-conciousness).

    As for the posters, my 8-year-old has literally wall-papered his bedroom with Dallas Cowboys posters. Hung up with white MEDICAL tape of all things (hmmm...is that because football players always need *something* taped up?). Drives me nuts, but he likes hanging them up all by himself. As much as it makes me cringe, I figure it's a small nod I can make to his happiness and self-expressions.

  15. Happy Birthday! We're both Leos - I just turned 39 (with no teeny booper posters in sight).

    "Store Bought Lettuce" would be a good band name.

  16. Oh, dear. Another milestone, perhaps? Okay. . .phase. . .we'll call it a phase.

    At least she didn't choose a pic of B. Spears!


  17. Happy Birthday!
    That poster is so funny. I know the feeling, I just bought Jonas Brothers concert tickets for my daughter and me. I would have loved to see Andy Gibb when I was her age!
    I love your new header.

  18. Hope you had a happy birthday. :) I'll be following suit (turn 32) in November, but my daughter is only 22 months so I probably still have years to go before I have to deal with teeny bopper posters. :)


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