I'm Still Here

Third Place!!!

Celebrating the end of synchronized swimming for the summer and Avery's third place in the championship meet.

playing with legos

Loving the sound of little hands sifting through the basket of Legos for just the right piece.


Savoring tomatoes from our garden.

a little sewing in the evening

Sewing in the evening.

Overcoming my fear of hanging things on the walls,

including this plate that has been taking up precious counter space in my kitchen for months.

dreaming of fall

Enjoying a break in the summer heat that has me dreaming of fall.

What are you up to?


  1. That looks great! I'm pulling things off the walls and out of cupboards and putting it all into boxes. But right now I'm going to take a break and go swimming with my kids because that's what it's all about.

  2. I have given you an award. Come on over to my blog and see.

  3. i have plates-for-hanging taking up space on my counter, too!

  4. I love your plate and your picture...and your tomatoe looks delicious!

    Me? Well, I'm playing on my blog. That's huge for me. I always seem to put "fun things for mom" way down on the priority scale. But now that I'm learning all the fun a girl have on Picasa, Flickr, and Picnik (what great names! how could they not be fun?), I'm really kind of seeing what a great outlet this blog thing can be.

    Thanks for being one of my inspirations, Molly!

  5. ooops! A tomato doesn't have a "toe." I can spell, really...I can! :)

  6. Wow! I remember - at least I think I do - reading your post when Avery first started synchronized swimming again, and now it's already over??!

    VERY NICE medal, Avery! Congratulations.

  7. Ooh! The cool weather had me making muffins and sipping coffee with the windows open this morning. The rest of my summer has been trying to sell the house. I dream of Fall too!

  8. Way to go, Aves!!! Congratulations :)

    I found myself dreaming of fall today, too. This weather is dreamy!

  9. Ahhh, I dreamed of Fall today too -- and the rain that will come with it -- I feel we need the rain badly.

    Also, congrats Miss Avery! And congrats to you Molly for having the courage to nail it.

  10. AnonymousJuly 22, 2008

    Congratulations to your sychronized swimmer!

    I am up tooo.... waiting for tomatoes from the garden, finally finishing up packages!, eating other local vegetables, admiring our new rainbarrels already full of water.

  11. AnonymousJuly 22, 2008

    I was in the garden center yesterday, and I kid you not, they had Christmas stuff out. CHRISTMAS! In July!

  12. AnonymousJuly 22, 2008

    Wow Avery! Your amazing! Of course I'm still jealous of your tan!
    We're looking forward to being with you this weekend. Roadtrip!!
    I was going to start a pair of socks (I've been missing knitting socks) but found out another friend has cancer so need to start another Comfort Shawl.
    Don't let Dad see the picture of the tomato, his are having issues!

  13. Your photo of the tomato just drips with summer.

    Love the pic's.

    Congrats, Avery, on the award too.

  14. Ha! That sounds like me-- afraid to put anything on the walls! Actually, it's more like, "I've worked hard to patch the holes and paint and now I'm supposed to put a hole in it?!?" It takes us a long time to decide what and where to hang something up!

    Your first tomato!! Yay! We're still waiting... lotsa green ones, I'm going to be busy canning if they all ripen at the same time!

    Congrats to Avery!! :o)

  15. I am glad you are still here. With tomatoes and medals and nice walls and the sewing machine. My life is a pile of cookbooks and the bike right now. You are inspiring me to break out that machine, though.

  16. AnonymousJuly 22, 2008

    I've been sewing in the evening as well. I see you leave your pins in a big pile like I do. I guess we need a pin cushion?

    Congratulations Avery!

  17. Congratulations on getting things up on your walls! I now that was a big step. I understand. I love the tomatoes picture.

  18. Aaargh! "Know", not "now". I now know for the zillionth time, that I need to slow down.

  19. hanging things on the walls makes me break out in a sweat...figuring out where to put it...getting my hubbie to hang it and all the stress that creates..ugh, i can relate...that plate is beautiful.

  20. I'm envying you, apparently.


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