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This is Avery's second season on the local synchronized swim team. To be quite honest, I have been somewhat out of sync with synchronized swimming. Perhaps it is the practice four nights a week, the out of town meets, the synchro moms I seem to have nothing in common with, the meltdown that occurs when we can't find a nose plug.

Before this season started, I entertained the idea of buying Avery out, giving her the registration money in lieu of signing up for another season. Just think of how many Lip Smackers she could have bought with all that money!

under water

But no; as hard as it has been on me, synchronized swimming has been good for Avery. She has become a more fluid, graceful swimmer and has formed bonds with team mates.

And now she has learned the thrill of placing first in competition. That's right, she received her first blue ribbon. I am so proud of her, but she is cool about the whole thing. She may say "What's the big deal Mom?" when I congratulate her once again (perhaps I need to revisit those articles about excessive praise), but I see a smile of satisfaction light up her pretty, sun kissed face. Good job Avery. Way to Kip.



  1. Congratulations AVE!!! I LOVE it that Avery is in sycro! Having been an outcasted sycro-mom...I know what you mean about not being "in-sync," but it was obvious enough why I didn't belong, so I was okay with that. For August though--now Avery--the practice in developing self-discipline and physical control was/is so valuable.

  2. AnonymousJune 24, 2008

    I had no idea kids could compete in synchronized swimming. That is too cool!!!

  3. That last shot is priceless. You know what, good job Molly for allowing her to be her, and follow her interests, even if they are less than convenient and comfortable for you. This is how passion is nurtured. That's a really selfless, loving thing you have given her...

  4. from a former synchro swimmer-
    good job mom! allowing your daughter to continue following her interest and for you traveling down unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable roads. she'll learn a lot about herself in that pool. congratulations to avery!

  5. I've always loved watching synchronized swimming! You know, trying to hold my breath for as long as they do - and being completely fascinated by the upside-down "jumps" they do, pushing up out of the water. So much athleticism required!! Making all those practices is tough stuff for moms ... wish I had some practical tips for making it better. It's just plain old hard sometimes, but you know when it's worth it and that keeps us going!

  6. AnonymousJune 25, 2008

    "Syncro-moms"...teehee I needed that morning laugh!
    She looks so sweet in that pool.

  7. AnonymousJune 25, 2008

    I'm so glad you blogged about this. It's such a nice way to keep in touch with what Avery and Aidan are doing. We're a little out of "synch" as grandparents I guess. Anyway, we'd love to come to a meet, hopefully we can arrange that. What ever happened with the sweatshirt she wanted? Please tell Avery we're proud of her and I'm still jealous of her tan!Do you remember your ballet classes Molly? You looked so cute in your tutu. Love ya

  8. I was in "synchro" as an adolescent, and I remember my experiences with pride. It helped my strength, flexibility, endurance, fluidity, and I still use some of the techniques I learned (like the "eggbeater" style of treading water, which totally beats normal treading). It was so valuable to me.

  9. Good job Avery! It feels good to do something well, and have fun at it . . . we all like that.

    Good job mom for keeping up with it all - whew, I know about that (and the not fitting in part. It happens with every sport and field trip. Oh well, I fit in with the people that matter the most to me -- you!).

  10. good, great, fantastic, selfless momma. well done :)if we lived closer, i would volunteer to take avery and i would some how convince everyone i was her [very big for my age] 9 year old cousin who just moved in next door and newest syncro team member :) i've always wanted to be a *real* syncro swimmer....until that happens, i'll just keep pretending :)and making up my own routines. xo
    [ps. well done Avery!!!!]

  11. AnonymousJune 25, 2008

    Congratulations! I didn't know there was synchronized swimming for kids either. I also know what it feels like to be out of sync with the moms in some of these activities; now I just bring something to work while I watch.

  12. YEAH!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! I wish that Uncle Rob and I could see her in action. Maybe she can give us a little preview next time we come out to De and Jans!! Miss you guys!!

  13. Yeah, I've had days when the luster of my girls continuing dance had dimmed - a LOT! But my eleven year old was on the dance competition team this year, and when she and her partner won a gold for their tap duet, I cried. I was so proud.

    So, it's a lot of work for me and it's stressful, and it takes a lot of energy, both mine and in fuel costs to get her to practices and competitions. Some of the other parents and I definitely have different lives and different goals.

    But in the end, it's not all about me, it's about allowing my children to do something about which they are passionate, and about me supporting them - even though, sometimes, I just don't want to anymore :).

    Congrats to Avery! That's a hard sport to be in.

  14. Good Job Avery!!
    Great Job Momma for seeing the value of her participation regardless of your own lack of "in-syncness".
    Your willingness to endure all that drive time and hours spent with the rest of those moms all for Avery's sake, that's amazing momma stuff, but not at all surprising, because you are you of course!!


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