I Learn Something New Everyday

Or at least I try. Sometimes it is a random fact, a new word, a more efficient way to get things done, and other times it is something you didn't realize about yourself. I learned two new things about myself over the weekend, which means that today you will learn two new things.

Thing #1: I spend the majority of my day needing to pee. Sorry if this is crude, but I have been inspired by this post to include more "real life" in my blog. Now I don't believe I need to use the bathroom more than the average person, it is just that I often ignore the urge to pee in order to do just one more thing on my list, or answer the "mom" call before I take care of myself, or just forget and get distracted on my way to the bathroom. It dawned on me this weekend, however, that if I spend a quarter of my day (and unfortunately night) needing to pee, and if I live to be 88 let's say, I will have spent 22 years needing to pee. That is time wasted! So I have decided to try to take care of business and stop ignoring my need to pee, and perhaps cut down on the things that make me need to use the bathroom so often.

iced coffee

Such as iced coffee,


or mojitos. Both of which I drank plenty of over the weekend.

Don't worry, I won't keep you updated on my progress - no need to fill you in on that much "real life".

Thing #2: I don't enjoy sewing. Don't get me wrong - I love the idea of sewing. I love my stash of fabric and its unlimited possibilities. I dream of making patterns of my favorite vintage dresses and sewing several more out of my vintage fabrics. I can envision hand made throw pillows, quilts and valances in nearly every room of my house. But the actual act of sitting down at my sewing machine is frustrating, time consuming, and messy, including the mess that accumulates in the rest of the house when mom sits down at the machine and the children are left to their own devices.


I appreciate the fact that I have the ability to sew and the machine and material to make much needed window coverings for our bedroom, I just wish that it didn't take all day long to do so. Or that my bobbin never ran out of thread, that no seams needed ripping, that the children didn't need to eat three meals a day. Perhaps I would enjoy sewing if I didn't sew when it was over 100 degrees outside, or if I used a pattern rather than winging it, or if I didn't expect to sew five curtains in one day, or if I took a class and actually learned how to sew. Or maybe I just don't enjoy sewing. But I do love a completed project.


So I'll continue to sew and take a bathroom break or two. Unless I get distracted and start another project.


  1. Way to take care of business. That feeling of needing to pee is so low grade bothersome. Maybe we will feel like more efficient moms if we no longer felt the distracting need to pee. Like putting your oxygen mask on first on the plane.

  2. Yep. I hear ya Sista.
    Very nice blog by the way.
    Now go pee...;)Xxx

  3. i figured out that pee thing about a year ago. i'm much happier now!

  4. I just learned that I don't like sewing too, the idea, yes, but the actual act of sewing, not so much. I think I've known it for awhile but dragged my feet on really admitting it to myself. But after a little costume making for my boys, I had to admit to myself that I DON'T like sewing, it's painful to me for the most part. So I will still make stuff for necessity, but not really ever will I do it for pleasure. The cool thing is I can live vicariously through those who do LOVE it and see and admire their cool creations.

  5. AnonymousMay 19, 2008

    Wow, that photo just made me realize what a good idea it is to have your iron RIGHT NEXT to your sewing machine. Seems like something I should have known before now.

    I feel the same way about sewing.

  6. I have a sewing phobia. Really. I so admire what you accomplish with your machine. I love the break that going to pee gives me. And I have never heard of a mojita. Where have I been? The picture you took of it makes me want to go out an order one immediately - it looks so refreshing.

  7. You know what? I'm not so crazy about the actual act of sewing either. I much prefer the designing, the picking out of fabrics, and even the cutting much more that the actual sewing. My new sewing machine has made things better, but I could scream when I run out of bobbin thread.

  8. man! NOW I have to pee!!!

  9. This is becoming a liberating exchange. Everything you said about sewing, yes. The mess. The wanton child, unsupervised. Winging it, and paying the price. Being finished and saying "that was easy, I don't see why I made it so hard". Then not touching the machine for 5 weeks. And the guilt. I resolve to free myself of sewing guilt. Thank you. YES!

  10. Ditto. To all of it. I am trying so hard to enjoy sewing and not just the idea's of finished projects I wish I could whip out in a matter of hours. Yet, it takes me over a week to sew a pair of jammy pants.

  11. Everyone is coming out of the sewing closet! OK, I don't sew (but I have the machine ;) I just like to tease myself into thinking that someday I might do it and actually like it. I think I also like the idea of sewing (sewing lessons in junior high didn't go so well.)
    btw, honesty is so much fun!

  12. AnonymousMay 19, 2008

    Hmmm, maybe I don't like sewing either. I know that I avoid bobbin winding at all costs and threading the needle drives me insane.
    I hear you on the pee thing - gotta go.

  13. oh , you so spoke to me in like a million and one ways!

  14. real life is good. :)

  15. I am just glad to see that you are drinking coffee again. That tea thing was good in theory but really does not get the job done!


  16. I spend all day needing to pee. I hate taking time out of my day to do that. I'm a two year old who won't stop playing and pees her pants when something is funny. Really, it is a problem.

  17. AnonymousMay 28, 2008

    Ha! Love the sewing paragraph. I can totally relate! I want to love it, I really do...

    We had mojitos this weekend. Yummy!

  18. AnonymousMay 28, 2008

    See, now, I spend most of my day peeing, just to escape doing something else. If I need to think, I head for the bathroom. If I need to pretend the mountain of dishes isn't waiting for me, I put it off to go pee. I can always get something out, so it's not a wasted effort. Peeing is a teeny little break for me. Want to yell or cry at me? It'll have to wait; I have to pee.


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