This Magic Moment

When our neighbors gave us their old tent, we had no idea it was a magic portal. The kids couldn't wait to set it up in the front yard; they must have known there was something special about the tent.

trying out the tent

As soon as the last stake was in place, the children entered the tent and were instantly transported to the world of make believe. They hadn't been there for a while; in fact I worried they didn't remember how to get there. You won't here me say this often, but I'm glad I was wrong.


Out came the costumes, props and even make-up.


The dreaded pirate was in pursuit


of the native princess.


Their visit to the land of make believe lasted for several hours, leaving me with time alone in the house - magic indeed. Next week the tent will be erected once again, under giant redwoods, above a sandy beach, alongside new friends. I can't wait to see where the magic portal takes us from there.


  1. Oh Molly! You take such lovely photos! You inspire me to try and take more whimsical shots of my girls, except why do they make maternity clothes without pockets? By the time I run and grab the camera, the moment has passed. :o(
    Hmm, I'll have to sew a pocket on my bra.. yeah, that'll do! :o) It'll be the latest fashion-- rectangle-shaped boobs!

    By the way, you can contact me at: Jshenry(at)tmail(dot)com

  2. oh wow. i can't wait! my girls can't wait!! my children pass through that magic porthole often, so i am sure they will all have a great time together!!! s.

  3. Hooray!! There's nothing like a tent for inspiring imaginations. I hope it takes you on many adventures this summer.

  4. this is exactly how i feel about my tent. :^)

  5. oops i said porthole. i meant portal.... :) a small window? pirates, i guess it could work... :)xoxo sarah

  6. It's looked like fun over there! Have a great time next week :)

  7. Gorgeous photos Molly!!!
    That looks like a magical afternoon indeed. I hope you have a stupendous time on your adventure next week.

  8. Great post. I'm a new visitor. I've wanted to get a tepee for our grandchildren but I'll bet they would have a better time in a tent. Thanks for the idea.

  9. Have a great time, and refresh next week! See you when we all meet at Aunt Jan's!

    A note to Judy "Grand Life".
    The above mentioned Aunt Jan made a teepee for Molly when she was little. What a wonderful thing for you to have for your G-children.


  10. Such delicious photos of your babes in this post, Molly!

  11. I just jumped over from The Back 40

    Wanted to say Hi and Nice Blog and Great Pics!


  12. There is something very special about your blog. I hope you don't mind...I included you on my the most recent blogroll at my site :)

  13. Ah, the land of make-believe! Noah spent the afternoon there yesterday...

  14. This is the best kind of play, isn't it?
    We were planning on trying this in the backyard this summer.
    Your kids are adorable, and I love that hoola skirt.

  15. There is something about a tent that brings out a kids imagination. Time to bring ours out again.

  16. I love our tent! That's why I still keep it even though we have a 5th wheel! Have a great time camping. Our first trip of the year is in a couple of weeks. I can't wait!

  17. AnonymousMay 02, 2008

    Your photos are magical. You've got a GREAT children's book here!

    Now you've gone and added dusting off the tent to my TO DO list this weekend. My children thank you.



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