I was not a cool kid. My parents may beg to differ, but they are parents and by nature biased. Today, though, I realized that my kids might actually be cool, and not just in a proud, biased mom sort of way. We took the kids up to Donner Ski Resort today, and as we were walking through the parking lot, I saw some teenage girls looking at Aidan, with his baggy snow pants, wool sweater, Spiderman sunglasses, snowboard tucked under his arm, walking with a slight swagger, and I heard them say, "He is sooo cute!"

Then I took this picture of Avery while we were waiting for our lift tickets.

Too Cool for School

My cool kids. They even make me feel cool.


I had a different dose of perspective this morning. I have had the fly lady buzzing around in my head lately, and I have been taking baby steps toward eliminating the CHAOS in my life. I know I said last month I was going to embrace the clutter, I'd just like to embrace a little less of it. So last night, I took an extra ten minutes in the kitchen and actually scrubbed the dirty pots and pans that I would have otherwise let soak overnight. And then I took another five minutes and dried and put away the dishes that I would have otherwise let air dry until I needed them again. Then I wiped down the counter tops, buffed them with a clean, dry rag, and merrily skipped out of my clean kitchen (cool, huh?). What a joy it was to wake up to a sparkling clean kitchen, without dishes waiting to be cleaned or put away; clean counter tops with plenty of room for the toaster AND the crock pot to be out at the same time as I made breakfast AND dinner.

I beamed. Then I gloated, asking George if he had noticed how clean the kitchen was. He replied, "Yes. It made me kind of sad last night when I got home. Like no one lived here. Or like Martha Stewart lived here." My funny honey. Perhaps I'll leave out one dirty dish tonight, just so he knows I still live here.


  1. How fun for you to get to live vicariously through those cool kids of yours! I think the pleasure of watching your kids be cool far outweighs the benefits of any coolness we may/or may not have experienced ourselves.
    And kudos on your productivity in the kitchen last evening, I love that feeling! George's reaction was priceless!! I think the word for that is: codependency :)

  2. When are you coming to my house to do the dishes? I usually have a rule about doing them all before bed, but tonight? Not feeling it. I'd much rather go snowboarding with your cool kids.

  3. You have such a sweet family -- and cool, way cool!

  4. the cool kid thing...over christmas, a 12 year old asked jane where she got her coat. apparently it is cool. i had no idea.

    and the dishes...i did that the other night (sunday). we are already back to our old ways. sigh. someday.

  5. Ah, the FlyLady! I have her book. Your husband's reaction was priceless! I do hate to go to bed with a sink full of dirty dishes. It drives me crazy to come into a dirty kitchen in the morning. And it's always my husband who says, "let it wait until morning." I just can't do it!

  6. avery looks super cool :^)

    lol, george's comment would be all i'd need to push me right back into the CHAOS...

  7. I was just pondering a life with out chaos. I've got a lot of hidden chaos....you know, the kind behind closet doors and in junk drawers. I'm thinking of bidding it adieu this afternoon. Maybe I'll save just a few smatterings here and there, so my house still knows I'm here.

    (Your son definately looks cool.) :)

  8. I agree...having cool kids is coller than being cool!

    A great start to living quasi chaos-free. I have always done the dishes before bed no matter what a chore it may seem at the time or how much red wine had been consumed...that way you don't wake up to "work to do" :^) And I wake up and "make" the bed...even if it is pulling the blankets and sheets flat...at least if that is the ONLY thing I get done in a day...it is one thing :^)

  9. It's so interesting to see what kids and parents remember about the same events. You were cute, smart, everyone loved you. What's changed? You're amazing, I'm learning from you all the time.
    By the way, I have brand new t-shirts for more bags. They are from a function at work, nice green color. Very appropriate color.

  10. Your kids are WICKED COOL!! I'm sure you were too. Your brother on the other hand.... well, atleast he is cool now.

  11. Oh, I'm working on embracing the clutter myself. My cup over runneth!

    Love your snow pics!!! Maybe we'll join you some year!

  12. I can say this because I have never been your mom... you are SO COOL now that I cannot believe (and never will believe)you weren't cool as a kid. I was there when George was a kid, so I absolutely KNOW he was cool.

    Obviously, your kids are cool; it's in their DNA.

  13. Oh friend...I so hear you on the dishes thing. Dishes, by far, are my least favorite chore around the house.

    And I can't wait until my kids are cool! Right now they are driving me nuts and I'm ready to ship them to INDIA where they can learn to be cool there.

  14. That post garnered it's share of comments! I think it's wonderful that what you write inspires such reaction. Must be that you ARE COOL but too humble to admit it!
    Let's revel in our collective coolness.
    I like to at least wash the dishes, but they air dry unless mom hand dries. The lived in look is cool too!

  15. Oh, girl, you know I love Fly Lady! I have been thinking about flying lately, too!! It must be in the air. All this wonderful sunshine has gone to our heads.

    And if you weren't cool as a kid, you are definitely a "cool kid" as an adult (at least among the kids you are ;) And your house on the corner is a total hot spot!

  16. I just have to wonder and hope. Wonder why cool is cool, hope that the "uncool" kids, the ones who can't afford to snowboard and get all dolled up for it, aren't suffering under the rule of the cool kids.


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