Half Past Seven

I don't often pay attention to the date, but this morning as I was catching up on a few days worth of dirty dishes (one of the many down sides of being sick), I realized it was February 16, which means Miss Avery is officially 7 1/2.

So what does a 7 1/2 year old girl do? She reads blogs, decorates virtual rooms and watches episodes of i-Carly online, reads about other girls' embarassing moments in the American Girl magazine.

She tries to hypnotize her brother.

She reads cookbooks. This morning she made brownies, all by herself.

She recommended that we laminate some of our favorite recipes and hang them on the wall in the kitchen.

She wanted to help George paint today, so she made herself a smock out of a garbage bag by cutting a neck hole and arm holes.

She really stepped up to the plate this past week while I was sick, making breakfast for herself and her brother, bringing me water, taking pictures for me so I could keep up with my picture a day goal.

It's not so easy to watch my baby grow up so fast, but my oh my she is growing up beautifully.


  1. happy half-birthday, avery :^)

    i wish my babies made me brownies! :^D)

  2. We never had any doubt how Miss Avery would grow up!
    Build on a solid foundation, and you have a solid result.
    Hope Mom is better, and sure George and Avery and Aidan are doing their best!

  3. What a lovely girl she is, both inside and out. She had a wonderful mama to show her the way.

  4. Now that is the sort of post that makes me wish for a daughter...what a proud mama you must be!!

    Happy 7 1/2 Avery!

  5. You are lucky to have such a sweet young lady to help you when you need it.

    I love your new banner by the way.

  6. I never realized that she was Jesse's age. How much fun to read about a girl's choices. I would have loved to have American Girl and dolls in my life with kids. I think her idea to put laminated recipes on the wall is great.

  7. A beautiful,smart girl with a wonderful mother and father to guide her..she reminds us of her grandma Nancy when she was growing up!

  8. this is so sweet. I love reading about 7.5, and a little glimpse of what's to come, while I enjoy 6.0 with my emma.

    I LOVE the picture of avery reading the recipes in the kitchen. that's one to cherish..

    hope you're feeling all better now...happy sunday....

  9. oh, you've got a good one. happy 7 1/2 to avery!

  10. I loved watching her on the front porch yesterday working so diligently on her crochet spool (or whatever it's called.) And how patient she was with her friend while being the teacher of the craft. 7 is not so bad, eh? (refering to that speaker we went to...)

  11. What on earth should 7 1/2 yo girls have to be embarassed about?


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