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Saint Valentine had passion. Whether it was about marriage, romance or the treatment of Christians in Ancient Rome, he followed his passion to his doom. In honor of those that have followed their passion regardless of consequences, I will be sharing my passion with you this week: Repurposing.

It is certainly not revolutionary or exclusive, and fortunately it will not send me to the stake. Repurposing certainly keeps me busy with projects, inventing and experimenting with new ideas, saves me money, and makes me happy. I suppose I have been interested in repurposing old materials for quite sometime, but only recently realized that it may just be my passion, my form of expression, my medium.

Whether it was Molly Ringwald's repurposed prom dress in Pretty in Pink, or Punky Brewster's skirt made from neck ties, creating something new with something old has been my mission since I was a tween. I wasn't always successful, and many of my ideas didn't work or never came to fruition (like the full length, strapless black ball gown I was convinced would look better as a mini dress that I ended up throwing away when I moved out of my parent's house), but the last few years I have had more success. To kick off this week of passion, here are links to the repurposed projects I have already posted on my blog:

Stars in a Jar

Baby Overalls turned Clothespin Holder
Ziploc Bag Dryer
Mittens made from Repurposed Wool

Teacup Pincushion

Stick Stars

Well, there are a few of my more successful attempts at repurposing. I don't think I have ever dug through my archives so deep. As you may have realized, I am terrible at labeling posts (which is terrible for archiving). Perhaps I just have an aversion to labeling, but I will start a new label for repurposing. I will be posting several more projects this week, and hopefully more projects in the future as they come to me. If you too are a repurposer, I would love to hear about your projects (because, like you, I need more).

And by the way, I had a beautiful weekend. The headache finally went away, the sky was clear, the kids were happy (especially when Grandma and Grandpa came bearing gifts), and I realized I have a wonderful "network" of friends. Thank you all for your kind comments, wise words and well wishes.


  1. Very nice! I'm not creative in that way at all. I'll just use you as inspiration.

  2. I LOVE those stars. Such a great idea.

    I used to love cartoons and things where they would show someone fixing up old toys in a flash, or whipping up new ones from trash. I always wanted to do that. I guess I still do.

    My son and I do art projects using found objects.

    Right now I'm creating felt food from repurposed wool sweaters. I've also made hats and softies from old sweaters. It's addicting!

  3. These are such brilliant ideas, I especially love the overalls clothes pin holder, I'm dying to defy our neighborhood covenants and put a clothes line in our backyard!!! And of course I loved the stars when you first posted about them, so cute.
    I'm so glad your weekend was a happy one. Yay for a few days to relax and renew!!
    Happy Monday to you!

  4. So creative. I love the clothespin holder and ziplock bag holder - I'm going to steal both ideas. I am not a repurposer adn would like to be one. Instead I even buy new beautiful paper for projects. : 0 /

    It's shameful. We recycle everything to make up for me and my bad crafting habits.

    I feel much better too. Doesn't just writing about it help?

  5. those stars are super cute, a projrct for today!

  6. I just save things and then never find a purpose for them. I think there is another name for that! And it's not so nice...

  7. Love all of your repurposing! Some of those I hadn't seen so thanks for bringing them from the vault.

  8. I *love* the baby overalls for a clothespin holder. I was thinking of sewing something similar out of cotton cloth, but I like this idea even better!


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