I Had A Plan

Though I should have known better. Today was the first day back to enrichment classes through our local home school program. I planned on taking the kids to school, picking up a peanut butter mocha on the way home, and cleaning the bathrooms. Or not. Whatever the plan, I was planning on some solo time. Just me, no conversations, no demands, no kids. I should know better than to have plans; like rules, they are made to be broken. Of course, I don't make rules either. If I had rules, I might be able to have plans.

Here's one rule I don't have: You must go to school. I simply can't bring myself to enforce such a rule. So when Aidan refused to go to school, my plans went out the window. I tried and tried to coax him to follow through with my plans, but my attempts were unsuccessful - even the Hershey's Kiss in his lunchbox did not persuade him. At first I was mad, mostly at myself, for not being the kind of mom to insist on attendance despite protest. Then I resigned myself to the fact that my son, like me, is a homebody.

On the way home from dropping Avery off at school, Aidan told me that he doesn't like to do things in front of other people.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Like art and music and everything," he answered.

I can definitely relate. He and I make the perfect homeschooling duo. We seek enrichment on our own. So we came home, I made a mocha for myself (thereby saving a few bucks), and we played Silly Sentences.


  1. I had a plan too... but mommy had a midterm and asked if I could keep Noah one more day, and so we put on our rain boots and raincoats and went to the zoo! The lions, tigers, and panthers were as interested in us as we were in them, so we had some serious stare-outs and then came home for lunch.
    Sometimes, the best days happen when my plans get changed

  2. Those best laid plans... sounds like a fun day anyway. And you don't need to be a mommy who insists on attendance - you're just the right mommy for your babes.

  3. Peanut butter mocha? Sounds interesting... maybe even odd. But I guess that's what people say about a banana split mocha too. Thanks for posting; I've been waiting since I've been in bed for the last 3 days. No pressure though. Love ya lots!

  4. Awww... very sweet. Can totally relate to his comment.

    Those are the best laid plans.

  5. Those are very cool sentence cards, I've never seen anything like that.

  6. What a sweet picture - how can you refuse?

  7. So sweet how Aidan doesn't want to do things in front of people. Him and Cole are so much alike... scary sometimes. Complex boys we have :)

    I am starting to crave this peanut butter mocha that I haven't even tried yet!


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