Freedom. It's a concept I think about often and a word my son has started to use as of late.

"Freedom," I hear him whisper as he gets himself started on two wheels without any assistance.

"Mom, your bike is freedom," he tells me as he pedals away. I don't know if he knows what freedom means, but he certainly knows how it feels.

We have been taking advantage of freedom from extreme weather and riding our bikes on the old Quarry Trail. Aidan stopped the other day on the trail and said, "Wow! This is so beautiful. I want a picture of it in a frame."

Avery has been finding her own freedom on two wheels lately. She tied our garden wagon to the back of her bike and has been hauling her brother up and down the street. She would like to go farther, and though I wish she could ride to her heart's content (which would apparently be all the way to In-n-Out), we cannot allow her that much freedom.

Pretty clever tow package.

I have recently experienced freedom from blogging on a regular basis. I'm in sort of a lull right now. Too tired at night to stay up and write, too slow in the morning to write before the children start making demands. It might be rather quiet around here until the lull passes.

And a quick tip for those of you looking for freedom from library fines: Library Elf. This is the website of my dreams. Daydreams actually. Just last week I was standing in line at the library, checkbook in hand, ready to pay my overdue fees (which were only $12.50 this time - much better than what I had feared), thinking to myself, If only the library could notify me by email when my items are due, I could turn my books in on time. With a little help from the Library Elf, I hope to fulfill yet another New Year's Resolution (avoid overdue fees).

Have a happy weekend and enjoy your freedom!


  1. Oh that looks glorious. Makes me wish I lived out in the country. Why can't we have the freedom to live out there and not have a commute. Like you, freedom has been on my mind a lot. Thank you for articulating it.

  2. Freedom is best experienced on two wheels, whether an engine is involved or not. Way to go kids, OWN THE ROAD!!

  3. I must say that I HAVE wondered where you get the time to live your life and share it with all of us as much as you do.
    I'm glad you are enjoying the freedom to live without the pressure of documentation!
    Today I went to Fairy Tale Town with Matt and could not help but notice Matt was watching Noah through the lens of a camera, even taling while looking through the lens. I know that's what I did, and I love my cool pictures from those days and I LOVE the videos Matt took today... but I no longer take the camera to the zoo & FT when I go.

  4. Gorgeous post - I remember the feeling well! :O)

  5. How is it that our libary is not even 1 mile, they have 2 drop off boxes, but I can't seem to make it on time either? At least our $$ is going for a good cause.

    I can't wait to ride a bike again.

  6. That is so cute with her pulling the wagon. I ca'nt wait for all of us to be on bikes riding around. We can do it now thanks to a trailer.

  7. Thanks for the library elf tip! I went right on and signed myself up.
    You'd think that with my son working at the library I wouldn't have any late returns at all . . . ha, ha, ha. Actually, most of the calls to our house for overdue library books are for Brent. Duuuude, seriously, you work there, take your books back on time. I wonder where he learned the bad habit from, hmmm?

  8. Ahhh... freedom. I love your post and Aidan's take on freedom. From the mouths of babes, right?
    I have also been enjoying the freedom of any blog pressure ;) I'm glad I'm not the only one. Thanks for the "Elf" tip!


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