Wrapping Up The Perfect Sunday Morning

The wrapping paper is either recycled, repurposed or put away for next year, but I find my mind wrapping up the year we are about to put behind us. I have a list of want to's, hope to's, plan to's and to do's forming in my mind, and today I'm getting a running jump on my list. Actually, more like a hiking jump.

After breakfast, (yes, that is coffee. We've started drinking it again, but only on Sundays, and only with a depressant like Irish Cream.)

we hit the trail. We live on the edge of the American River Canyon, where there is an amazing network of trails to explore. My favorite right now is the Manzanita Trail. I'll give you one guess how it got it's name.

My nephew joined us on our hike, and he informed me that the manzanita tree is informally known as the Refrigerator Tree, for it's bark is always cold. Smooth to the touch also, and such a beautiful shade of reddish brown; the perfect compliment to its sage green leaves.

One of my goals for the new year is to hit this trail at least twice a week. It is the best thing I can do for my mind, body and soul. Few activities make me so happy, and a happy mommy is the best gift I can give my family.

As a bonus, I think I've scouted the perfect meeting place for a Stitch-n-Bitch group (another hope-to for the new year), because knitting with friends is another way to make mommy happy. It's quiet, has plenty of natural light and a great view. I could sit here and knit for hours. Anyone interested? If you bring a thermos of coffee, I'll bring a flask of Irish Cream. Sounds like a perfect Sunday morning to me.


  1. Oh how I'd love to join you! Maybe this summer when I'm coming through on the way to Oregon.

  2. I'm game! But can we meet in front of your cozy fireplace until the weather gets warmer? My fingers would freeze!

  3. I'm in... that looks so great! I love those manzanita trees. I also love Irish cream. (And by the way, I also love that gnome you made... I tried to comment there but I don't think it went through...) And congrats on the snow fall, too.

  4. I'm in! I'll represent the novice knitter in the group.

    Lovely reflection! Happy New Year!

  5. I don't knit, but I do support those of that persuasion, can I join?

  6. I wish I lived closer, i'd be in for sure. Maybe someday when we move back to Sac or Roseville.

  7. The Manzanita is one of my favorites too. I would love to join you some time (I still have to get that knitting lesson I keep pestering you about!).

  8. I wish I lived there so I could join.

    Happy New Year!

  9. I'd love to join you, If only my time machine wasn't on the brink right now...have fun

  10. wish i was closer :^)


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