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So this morning, as I was cleaning up the kitchen, I had a vivid flashback of my life before children. I was working in an office five days a week, stuck in front of a computer and answering phones all day. It was horrible. I hated my job. As I loaded the dishwasher it occurred to me what cruel and unusual punishment work can be, especially indoor office work, and how glad I am to have left that job (eight years ago this month in fact).

Then this evening, as I was cleaning the kitchen again, this time with achy arms from helping George split and stack a cord of firewood, I realized that maybe I had the whole office work as cruel and unusual punishment idea wrong.

The nice thing about my current "job" is that I could forgo doing dishes and splitting wood tomorrow without having to call my boss and pretend to be sick. But I won't because I like my job. I love it. The pay sucks, but at least I don't have to answer phones anymore. That's the kid's job.


  1. I loooove your picture. So refreshing. What a good reminder this was.

  2. I am so there with you on that one. I've gone back and forth between home and office jobs and I think I'm finally out of an office for good (knocking on wood).

  3. Nice musings for those of the working class to ponder. But I challenge the "pay sucks" part. Look back to yesterdays post and see your pay...two wonderful, loving paychecks.

  4. I think back to those days... Life was so much more... routine and predictable.

    I prefer jelly stained clothes and no sleep!

  5. I too challenge the pay sucks idea. Yesterday, Mark and I were noticing how it feels like we have more money now that I'm staying home (loss of 1/3 of household income)!
    No gas
    no nice clothes
    no eating out cause I don't have time to shop and cook
    no daily starbucks
    less frequent car repairs
    no class supplies

  6. being at home can sometimes feel like a string of dirty, monotonous jobs, but at least there's a lot of variation. :^)

  7. Yeah and you can wear what you want to work each day, and come and go as you please. There is nothing more freeing than being able to make your own schedule.

    Nice to see the lemons. I miss our lemon tree. It snowed here so the only lemons we are now getting are at the store. Buy a Meyer Lemon for me??? Oh a meyer lemon, lemon drop...I miss those.

  8. Great picture :)
    The pay sucks, but the rewards are great. Funny, I was thinking back to those days recently, too.

  9. Hating to earn a paycheck sounds like a good reason to give the paycheck earner a kiss and a thanks (unless, of course, you have no need for money). -- Mark.


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