I May Be Biased

But my "Dear Readers" dish some excellent advice. After carefully weighing each and every suggestion regarding my over-priced shampoo and conditioner, I did absolutely nothing. Saturday afternoon my husband offered to return the products for me on his way to pick up a pizza for dinner. Apparently he read your suggestions also. Thank you dear readers; I will definitely return to you for advice if (when) I experience another consumer mishap.

Speaking of bias, I spent Friday evening and almost all day Saturday making about 70 yards of bias tape. There is nothing quite like homemade bias in my opinion, but making it is an exercise in patience as some of you well know. I have decided to jump into a rather large project I have been hemming and hawing over for quite some time; more details to be revealed tomorrow, so stay tuned. I've got to get back to my Singer.


  1. Wow. That is a LOT of bias tape. I have to make some today, but not nearly that much. Very curious about that large project of yours.

  2. i love it when the husbands pull through. very nice.

    i have a bias tape maker and I haven't broken it out yet. But I do want to make mine own some day--the possibilities will be endless. I imagine after making 70 some yards, you're pretty much the bias-making expert!

    can't wait to see what's coming....

  3. Sounds like you are busy. So I will help you out by tagging you for a cool "week in review" meme, thereby helping you to channel your blogging ideas into quick order. ; ) Here's the rules - http://barn-raising.blogspot.com/2007/12/week-in-review-tag.html

  4. Oh my god Molly! That is great. I love home made bias tape, at least the way it looks, I have never made it, yet. I just finished my dining room curtains yesterday-after 2 years. BTW have you joined a stitch and bitch group? Sounds like fun. Can't wit to see what is in the pipeline.


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