"I like the book you picked out Mama!"

You know the book is good when the in-house book critic says so. The kids and I read this book last night and really did enjoy it. I have several books lined up this week on the topic of Thanksgiving, the one holiday I really am thankful for, mainly because it is the least commercialized holiday and it is all about the food (of which I'm very fond). I love it when one book leads you to another, and after reading Thank You, Sarah, I am anxious to check out this book from the library:

As most of my reading is done aloud to a five and seven year old, I find that junior biographies are the best way for me to learn about interesting people while not boring my children to tears. It is amazing what you can learn about a notable figure in 150 pages or less (The Boy on Fairfield Street, all about Dr. Seuss, rings in at only 48 pages and is one of my favorite junior biographies). Sure, if I had more time I'd love to dive into a 400 plus page book about Sarah Hale, complete with copies of the thousands of letters she wrote five different presidents in an attempt to make Thanksgiving a national holiday, but let's face it - I don't have that sort of time, what with a turkey dinner to cook for 18 guests this week, and my kids probably wouldn't last two pages. So off to the junior biography section of our library we go. (By the way, did you know that not only did Sarah Hale fight for Thanksgiving for 38 years, she also wrote "Mary Had a Little Lamb"? And raised five children on her own after her husband died? Impressive lady indeed.)

In addition to our Thanksgiving preparation, I will also be making some cookies this week, specifically peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips, for Diane over at Mackville Road. Thank you for all your wonderful advice last week. As I am busily baking, reading and cleaning the house this week, I will:

Read all of the directions
Get all the facts
Not make it my business what others think
Complete what I start
Be a fountain, not a drain
Forgive quickly and kiss slowly
Slow down as I can't love in a hurry
Be kind and eat dessert first
Chew and talk to myself with my mouth shut
Stay in a good mood regardless of the mood of others
Not worry about anything that hasn't happened yet

Sorry Dana, but I don't know about the third baby thing this week; it's a little hectic around here to follow all good advice. As I learned from a tea bag tag , "Everything in moderation, including moderation", which is very good advice, especially this week.


  1. I think that's all great advice to follow! I'll be doing the same.

  2. I like all that advice smooshed together. Good advice is always needed during the holidays when one spends an extended amount of time with relatives ;)

    We are reading The Boy on Fairfield Street right now! I got excited and called my dad, but he was from Greenfield, MA - not Springfield, MA. Oh, and by the way, it put Grace right to sleep last night. But I found it very interesting. (Another great reason for blogs - we would have never had this "conversation" otherwise.)

  3. I did research a number of years ago on the origin of Thanksgiving and read about Sarah Hale. Hallmark published a book a number of years ago (out of print, but I have a copy) on the true origins of all American holidays and she's spoken of in there. It's amazing when you Google "Thanksgiving" the number of websites there are with explanations of the holiday and its roots.

  4. Thank you for the list Molly -- good to keep in mind!

    p.s. - I LOVE the children's biography section. That's where I get all my bio information as well, and not just for the children, I am talking about when I went back to college a few years ago.

  5. Thanks for the reading suggestions! Those look like excellent books to snuggle in with this week.

    And mmmmm peanut butter cookies! I like mine with hershey kisses in the middle :-)

    Good luck with all that cooking, girl!

  6. Thanks for the book ideas. I am going to check them out. I love the kids section of the library, in particular the crafting and history books - for my needs as much as my childrens'needs.


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