Operation Completion

While discussing possible journal topics with Avery last Friday, I asked her, "If you could do anything this weekend, what would it be?" Her answer: snowboarding. OK, fall just barely arrived, and already we are expecting snow. She settled for shopping for snowboarding clothes, and while she was out shopping with dad, I got to thinking, If I could do anything this weekend, what would it be?

This is where you find out how truly boring I am, because my answer was: finish Aidan's socks. Not to brag, but I am extremely good at starting projects; I could start a million a day. What I am not good at is finishing projects; I have a one in a million completion rate. So finishing the socks I started months ago was a truly worthwhile goal (plus it prevented me from starting a new project). I knit through a few episodes of Men in Trees on abc.com (I'm a sucker for shows with obvious metaphors and voice over monologues), knit in between errands (George drove), kitchenered just before reading books at bedtime, and voila.

Did you know handmade socks are extremely slippery on wood floors? Aidan had us in hysterics with his risky business moves Saturday night (that's debris from my floor on his sock, not a hole). In addition to new socks, Aidan has a new skill.

It's official, the boy can ride a bike. "Mom, isn't it fun to watch me ride a two wheeler?" Aidan asked. Yes my son, extremely fun and cool; just a little bit sad, but mostly exciting. Go easy on your mom and don't ride too far too fast.

Although Avery didn't find the perfect snowboarding outfit this weekend, she did find a new hobby. This is what happens when your children read the blogs of crafty women.

Avery spied the rag rug tutorial over on Eren's blog and immediately grabbed her stash and her Ginghers. Yes, she has her own stash thanks to Grandma's leftovers, trips to the thrift store (where we sometimes fight over remnants) and good old rummaging through the trash can when mom purges.

Avery: "I'm making a rug Mom."

Me: "You know you could make a basket."

Avery: "It's a rug Mom."

Me: "You could make a potholder."

It's not that I want to discourage her from making a rug, I just know how much of me is in her and how good she is at starting projects that rarely become finished projects. She doesn't often acquiesce, so I was extremely pleased when I opened up my kitchen drawer and found I had been secretly gifted a new potholder. I love it Avery. Of course, she came home from Grandma's with a huge bag of scraps after dinner Sunday night because she still plans on making a rug. You go, girl.

While I knit, Avery hooked and Aidan slid merrily across the floor, George hijacked my camera and took some blurry photos (though he claims it's me who is blurry, not the photos). This one is for my friend Becca, who claims there are not nearly enough pictures of me on my blog. To be honest, I see too much of me me me and I I I on this here blog; to add a picture of myself would be too much me. Yet here it is, a fuzzy picture for a far away friend. And now I'm off to start another project, or two, actually three, but it may be a while before you see them finished.


  1. You do life... like I wish I had done life.

  2. You know it's important to have WIP's (per the Yarn Harlot). So don't stress over them, they will patiently wait for your return. Mom has a million too!
    Kudos to Aidan! We're proud of the seemingly early progress, though not surprised as he's ALL boy.
    Enjoy these ages as they pass quickly...we know.

  3. Go Aidan! My six year old, Etain, has just learned to ride her two-wheeler this summer. Now, she's racing up and down the road ... too fast! I hope this isn't a metaphor for how quickly she'll grow up. It happens too fast anyway (I have two adult children - I know ;). Sometimes I wish I could just hit the slow button and move through life able to more fully enjoy each moment before it's gone.

  4. I wish I could knit socks. I can't finish projects either, so you are not alone.

  5. Good job on finishing the socks!!!
    It's a vicious circle... once you get that thrill of finishing a project, it makes you want to start double as much projects as you usually would ;)
    i love seeing pictures of you on here too. Good job George :)
    You're children are such a delight to read about!
    Happy Monday!
    :) LA

  6. Love the socks! They turned out great. Handmade socks also do well on concrete floors - great for the long slide.

    Hooray for the bike riding! That's on our list this week of vacation.

    Nice to see your smiling face. :)

  7. My last child out of training wheels was a HUGE milestone for me. Sure, there was the last child out of diapers, but I could not wait for that! It really was the training wheels that choked me up and made step back and appraise my growing family, knowing we only go forward, we never get to go back . . . sniff, congratulations Molly (and George) -- and most of all Aiden!

  8. Love the pictures. Isn't is a great feeling to get a project finished, especially when there isn't a deadline! I admit I started a new knitting project this weekend, but almost have it complete. A baby kimono, it's so cute! My other million projects are patiently waiting though for my return.
    Aidan, thank you for sharing your excitement with me Saturday. I loved the phone call!

  9. I've taken to only allowing myself to read your blog after doing a set amount of homework... today's was (as always) worth slogging through hours of pedagogic theory.

    I'm rooting for the rug (I still have a start to one in the attic, started for g-ma H a "few" years back)

  10. YAY for Aidan! I know just what you mean about that being a bittersweet milestone. You are so proud and excited for them, but it does seem like it's one of those defining, "he's not a baby anymore" moments. Good for you on finishing the socks too! They are gorgeous, as is your little ambitious girlie... and YOU blurry mama :-)

  11. Aaack! I am so excited to see this rug! Please tell Avery she has made my night. I was about her age when I made my first one. I can't wait to see the finished product! And yes, I have a crochet hook that my grandfather made his mother as a Christmas gift when he was about 12 or so.

  12. one in a million .. that's my completion rate, too. ;^)

  13. I've always wanted to know how to make a rag rug. Thanks for providing the link to the tutorial.

  14. Thanks for the photo Molly. Although you get to see a lot of your self, we haven't seen each other in over 2 years (yikes!) You are the exact same and I love it.
    Your blog does make me wish I could just drive the 45min up the hill and have the boys drink beer; George could talk "biodeisel" we could craft, thrift and eat near the fire. Good converstion, the best fall time activity.
    I miss you Molly


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