The Giving Tree

We are lucky indeed to receive such treasures from trees. As if clean air, houses, furniture and paper weren't enough, trees provide. . .




and caramel apples on a picnic bench in the shade.

Sometimes trees give us friends too.

The kids and I were recently walking home from downtown when we saw a woman picking fruit from a tree. We had passed this tree thousands of times, but I had never noticed its fruit. In an effort to turn our walk into a learning experience, I asked the woman what kind of tree it was and if we could sample the fruit. Meet the jujube. The small fruits have a texture similar to apples and a very mild taste.

Even better than the fruit was the beautiful lady who shared with us. Susan makes tea with the jujubes and has invited us over to share some tea with her. She writes Korean cookbooks (check out her website). I am so excited to learn more about Korean cuisine and Aidan is very happy to have a new friend. If it hadn't been for the tree, we wouldn't have found this treasure.

What wonderful gifts have the trees bestowed upon you?


  1. Pretty picture of the fire. . . one of my favorite parts of cold weataher. I love Korean food, let's cook!

  2. So, cool! A new fruit and a new friend :) The tree in my backyard provided the entertainment this afternoon. The girls were picking the berries off of it (hopefully they aren't poisonous) and pretending they were seeds to plant their garden.

  3. I planted a weeping cherry in my backyard and every spring it blooms these beautiful pink flowers and I want to hug it-I guess that makes me a tree hugger.

  4. Wow! Very cool. The trees give me whispering conversations on quiet breezy days. And lovely paper. Texture and color to inspire me!

  5. You'll have to show us the tree Saturday. Once again you amaze me!

  6. Are those lincoln logs?!?!?

  7. It just never ceases to amaze me that people are such treasures, too often HIDDEN treasures. You reached across the stranger barrier and gained a friend... you reached out and a stranger found a friend...
    and your children saw how it is done!

  8. I remember your uncle Dan falling out of an orange tree and breaking his arm when we were kids!

  9. now that is just awesome!!
    to think a cook book author as a neighbor!!!

  10. Oooooh! Korean food! Yum!! Let us know how that tea tastes!!

    I love making new friends and this one sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

  11. oh, trees, wonderful things...

    thanks for the tribute.

    what i think of most now is the tree branches that we gratefully burn in our nearly-daily fires.

  12. this sounds dumb...but i had an "oh ya" moment reading your relations with trees. i forgot about all that stuff. thanks.


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