A Girl's Gotta Do What a Girl's Gotta Do

And this girl's gotta knit socks. When she first asked me to help her start this project, my instinct was to say no. Then The Yarn Harlot's words sounded in my ear, "Five year old Danish children can do it", so why can't my seven year old daughter? I've learned not to underestimate Avery. Last year when I taught her to knit, I cast on for her. Several months later she asked me to show her how to cast on, and she declared it was easy and she could cast on forever. In fact, sometimes I catch her casting on, ripping it off the needles, and casting on again. I thought casting on might be difficult for her, but it's become one of her favorite past times.So, she cast on 24 stitches, I helped her divide and join the stitches between two pairs of circular needles, taught her how to purl, and she began ribbing. Just like that. What I could not do until I was 30 she was doing at 7. I attempted to convince her to make a pair of tube socks for her sock monkey, but she is adamant about turning a heel.
Avery told me she was "born to purl". I should put that on a t-shirt for her. I do not enjoy purling myself, so she has offered to do the ribbing on my socks. I think she just wants to use my Addi Turbo needles, which she declared "way better" than her Susan Bates needles. What a dynamic knitting duo we make. The other morning we sat together, each knitting our own socks, listening to the first KnitPicks podcast. It is an immeasurable joy to share an ancient craft and current passion with my favorite girl. Now I know how my mom must have felt when I learned to knit some twenty-odd years ago.


  1. wow! Maybe Avery can teach me to knit someday. She is the one who taught me to crochet my potholder edges.

  2. That's fantastic! Nothing makes my heart swell more than when the kids pick up needles, whether knitting or embroidery. I just love it. Can't wait to see them when she's done.

  3. I probably have a couple of discarded Christmas stockings in the attic that Avery could finish for me... Too bad Avery's monkey's name is not Mark or Matt! The weaving of the leg part is all done, but the heel was my Waterloo, and they got stuffed in a basket.
    Just another example of the beauty of your task-based syllabus!

  4. What a cool kid! You tell her that I said she rocks, and she beats the pants off of me... I never could get the casting on thing. She's inspired me. I'm going to hunt down a class :-)

  5. I learned to knit about two years ago ... using the Internet for guidance and with a little help from a friend. My 10 year old learned at the same time. She wants to learn to knit socks, now. I wish I could help her, but she's so far beyond where I am. I'm still in the washcloth stage :).

  6. Wow! This is exciting! I think the reason I like making socks so much is that I don't have to purl! Grandma Doro taught me to knit when I was about 7, all I made was doll clothes and really didn't pick up the art again until in my late 20's. I just finished matching sweaters for my 2 great nieces and now get to knit socks again. We need a picture of the 3 generations knitting socks?

  7. She has to be thoroughly melting your heart right about now Molly! She's amazing.

  8. That is so cool that the two of you can share this together. She will look back on it fondly. :)

  9. thank for your comment on my blog
    what a talented girl that avery is
    i have yet to make socks but, i look forward to trying them once i finish up some other things

  10. She can come over and purl for me *ANY* time.

    ...and I had a student once when I assisted in first grade handwork who also loved to cast on, pull all the stitches off, cast on, pull the stitches off, rinse, repeat... it took a lot of work to get him to move on to the knitting.

    Can't wait to see the final product - I'm sure she will have no fear of turning a heel. Far less than adults!


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