Weave Me Alone

Avery and I left at 7:30 this morning to hit the annual Foresthill Rummage Sale. I found two weaving looms and a bag of nylon loops (among many, many other items). Avery has not stopped weaving since we got home. She put all the loops in a big basket and carried the basket to two different pools today and all around the house, weaving her little heart out. She completed her first potholder, wrapped it and gave it to our neighbor. All on her own. Pure sweetness. "Up, down, up, down", I heard her chant. Loom, loops and basket, $2.00. Creative child, priceless.


  1. Wonderful! Days like that are the best.

  2. Awesome find! I love that your daugther wanted to share her creations with your neighbors. It makes me feel good when my daughters do that, and it makes my neighbors feel even better ;).

  3. Weave away, weave away!
    I remember doing this - too many years ago. Especially the crochet hook to loop the ends together, leaving the last one as a hook. I seem to think our frame was metal.
    Weave memories awone!

  4. I never would have taken my dad for a weaver. Avery's favorite part of making the potholder is finishing the edge with a crochet hook. Must be genetic. What I would give for my dad's metal frame! Do you think it's in grandma's basement?

  5. oh wow!
    what a great find and what a sweetie you have on your hands.

    great blog :)

  6. Jerry was very flattered to receive Avery's gift. (She must know he is the cook in our family!) He said to say that it's great... he only burns one finger when he uses it - Because it's a small pot holder. ha, haa... (He thought that was funny.)

  7. Goodness... this picture gave me a huge flashback. I am pretty sure I used to love those loopy things and weaving them together into "masterpieces". How wonderful that these classic childhood pastimes touch every generation.

    Love reading your blog Molly!


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