Beef Tamales - It's What's for Dinner

It's not, of course, what I planned for dinner. I keep them around in case of emergency, such as the kids not liking what I make for dinner (more of a regular occurrence than an emergency), or the apocalypse. I had a plan for dinner tonight; I even started preparing at 2PM so dinner could be served at 5PM. Pulled pork pizza was on the menu, complete with homemade whole wheat dough and home grown red onions. Disaster struck when I forgot to add yeast to the pizza dough. So at 4:30, when we got back from the library and discovered my omission, I had to think fast. Hence the tamales, accompanied by frozen green beans (from France via Trader Joe's), and orange slices, from Australia. It was not a local dinner, a homemade dinner, or a memorable dinner. It's nutritious value was questionable at best. It was surely less expensive and faster than the kid's emergency plan - In and Out.

I'm not a fan of canned tamales myself, or anything canned for that matter, except for sweetened condensed milk. I could open a can and lick it clean. So, for my dinner, I ate some edamame, a few bites of the pulled pork that was destined for pizza, but instead made it's way into sandwiches for George to take to work, and half a beer. I'll have the munchies tonight for sure. I see a trip to the grocery store in my near future. I'll need to stock up on some better emergency food, or I'll perish in the apocalypse for sure. Any suggestions?


  1. hi Molly - i am excited to get to know you thanks to Leigh-ann and her fabulous ideas.
    Emergency food in our house-pasta and sauce with cheese - not too grand but it works!

  2. Yep, I second that, we can always manage pasta. As for the cans though... my kids tried Beanie Weenies for the first time tonight. Their Dad was over the moon with nostalgia. They hated them. I think maybe that's a good thing :-)

  3. Pasta or any frozen meal in a bag from Trader Joes. You turned me on to the orange chicken. Now I buy a bag, along with the frozen oriental vegie mix, and keep them stocked for an emergency (usually when I am too tired to cook and only want to heat). I think the family has caught on about this meal however . . . they're always on to me.

  4. I totally agree with your quote about why we blog! We blog to know that we aren't alone. Isn't it divine! I can't wait to get to know you all. ;)

  5. Our on the spot meal is rice and stir fried veggies with some chopped meat - usually chicken sausage. Or I boil hotdogs ;).

    As for the apocalypse, we'll be subsisting on rice, beans, eggs, and flour products ... until we get a hang of the "local" flora and fauna, and then, who knows? Cattail flour pancakes and staghorn sumac lemonade, anyone?

  6. I'll second the pasta and sauce thing. We also stockpile canned beans, rice, cheese and put tortillas in the freezer for emergency burritos. Trader Joes is definitely the best place to stock up for those "oh, what to cook" nights. We buy the orange chicken, the turkey (chicken?) meatballs, and the breaded halibut and use those when we just don't have the energy to do anything else. I have convinced my kids that any canned food other than beans is just not worth eating, but the oldest one still harbors a forbidden love for Spaghettios.

  7. I should probably add that we had depleted the pasta/sauce and beans/rice tostada emergency supplies by the time the tamales found their way out of the recesses of my pantry. I totally forgot about breakfast for dinner- my other emergency backup. I stocked up at Trader Joe's today - orange chicken, potstickers, and turkey meatballs are lurking in the freezer should disaster strike again.

  8. Who doesn't like frozen pizza and cheap beer on a crazy day?

    If I am feeling a little better about myself after popping the beer, I might put fresh vegis and xtra cheese on the pizza.


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