Planning Ahead For A Local Thanksgiving

Are Ma and Pa Waddle trying to tempt us, parading their young around like this? Seriously, I'd rather eat tofurkey than disrupt this beautiful wild family (although, George may be thinking about venison after what the deer did to our cherry trees last night). The turkeys make a daily appearance in our yard, and our neighbor's yard as seen above. They even left a small deposit on our front porch recently. I would like to find out about procuring a locally raised turkey, though. Time to call some butchers.

Speaking of turkeys, our friend and neighbor Jason brought over a turkey carcass the other day. He knows I like to make stock, but he probably didn't know the carcass was like manna from heaven for my meat deprived family (note to self: do not make tofu chili again). As Aidan and I sat at the counter picking meat off the bones, Aidan asked, "Did Jason shoot this turkey?" My goal of teaching my children where food comes from: accomplished. You know your friends and family love you when they give you dead animal carcasses and brown bananas. Keep it coming, I feel the love.


  1. AnonymousJuly 24, 2007

    i don't know where to comment...as i wander through your blog i am struck at each post...so thank you for sharing...

  2. I assume you told Aidan it was a glorious battle between good and evil, good being yours truly dressed in red and blue spandex and evil being the deposit leaving gobbling monster. I’m glad it was put to good use.

  3. tofurkey?! LOL!
    turkey heads are oddly proportioned to their bodies, hey!?

  4. AnonymousJuly 24, 2007

    So I am guessing the deposit the turkey left on the porch was not a blue or brown egg? :)

  5. So! I'm not the only one who hunts for black bannanas! I stepped out of the car last week and spotted one laying in the parking lot. It was in the perfect state, black mottled with deep golden yellow... I asked if it would be too gross to "harvest" it, but before I heard an answer, I knew from within that I couldn't do it. Next time maybe


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