I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Can, that is. I have wanted to can for years now, and since this is the year I'm making my dreams come true (homeschooling, making yo yos), now is the perfect time to learn to can. My first foray in to the world of preservation was pickled green beans. A friend recommended this project while we were discussing our favorite Bloody Mary ingredients. Three moms, seven kids, and one hot afternoon later we had five quarts of pickled green beans. Not quite the results I had hoped for when I dreamed of canning. The one quart I kept from that initial attempt is like gold.
Today was my second attempt canning, and I flew solo. I'm very pleased with the results - 7 jars of apricot jam. We don't eat much jam, so I expect these jars will last the better part of a year. I learned quite a bit from the process and I'm looking forward to more canning.
I suppose the first time you can is like a first kiss, or the first time you bathe your newborn baby, or the first time you turn a heel on a sock. There is a lot of anticipation, trepidation, fear of failure, but when the deed is done, you think to yourself, "I can't wait to do that again". Firsts are exciting, and I am very excited about opening up my first jar of homemade apricot jam next month. Now I know I can, I know I can can.


  1. Woo Hoo! Conrats on your jam!

    I remember my first foray into canning. It was apple butter. It turned into something more like apple syrup. It was tasty, just not what I was looking to accomplish. Thankfully, I've gotten better over the years ;). Jam is a good solo project. My first solo was strawberry jam ;). The other evening, I actually used the pressure canner for the first time. That was exciting ;).

  2. AnonymousJuly 20, 2007

    Too bad you cannot spend a summer at Gramma Mary's. Mom has real talent when it comes to canning. She canned a few weeks ago, but complained the pot was too heavy for her to move when full. Her neighbor helps sometimes.

  3. AnonymousJuly 20, 2007

    It makes me ridiculously happy to see your cans and think that counters all over the country are covered in veggies, lids and jars. Don't you just love to hear the "clink" when they seal? It's like little elf voices chiming, "Well done, you fantastic homemaker, you!" Good luck with your jelly! I'm going to make some pepper jelly this weekend, I think.

  4. you're luring me into your domesticness...
    i'm addicted to apricots right now:)


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