Got Moxie?

I just heard this great story on Weekend America about an annual festival going on this weekend in Maine to celebrate Moxie soda. The soda, invented in 1876, guaranteed to cure such ills as "loss of manhood, paralysis and softening of the brain". I had to laugh at this claim, since our homebrew has been known to have the opposite effect. Apparently, the noun moxie was inspired by the drink. In the early part of the century, Moxie soda outsold Coca-Cola. The company is now owned by Coca-Cola (how's that for a circular turn of events). Today, Moxie is not widely available, and is not nearly as popular as other carbonated beverages. On a hot day like today, I would love some Moxie. In an effort to be local, however, I will settle for a homebrew. After all, manhood and hard headedness are highly over-rated in my book (or blog).
For more interesting facts about Moxie, visit this site.
In other news, I'd like to clear up any misconceptions my dear readers may have about my children's restricted diets. They are currently at McDonald's with their Grandma Marian. To George's and my chagrin, this has become a weekly habit, but I'm proud to say they usually choose apple slices over french fries and chocolate milk over soda. Here's mud in your eye.

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  1. I never knew so much about "Moxie" - nor that there was so much to know. Now, I think I'll have to run and get me some. I guess, as I'm in Maine, I could add it to my local fare ;).

    Thank you for the info and the links ;).


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