Oh, What a Beautiful Weekend!

The grandparents came, they saw, they left. My grandma said my house looked comfortable and lived in. This is true. Of course, they stopped by right after I got home from my favorite annual rummage sale. The loot I scored!
This little stadium chair became mine for a mere quarter. I am looking forward to using this little beauty. One of the best things about vintage items is the memories they evoke. My dad recalled having similar chairs when he was young, and we reminisced about the occasion for which they were bought. My son thinks it looks like a barber's chair.
I spent a whopping ten dollars and this is what I got:
8 wool sweaters (including a beautiful cashmere twin set)
3 button-up shirts
3 skirts
2 t-shirts and 2 tank tops
4 belts
12 books
4 needlepoint sets (remember Creative Circle?)
3 Journals
17 glass apothecary jars with glass stoppers
2 vintage tee towels
3 small balls of beautiful wool yarn
2 geography place mats
2 prints, one signed
2 tablecloths, one with 8 matching napkins
solar print set
large letter/number stencil set
turn and spell toy
silver drop ball earrings
SALAD SHOOTER!!! (mine broke)
jar of thread
wooden toast tongs
latch hook
stack of vintage fabric remnants
plywood box with plexi-glass lid (potential light box?)
Pooh wall hanging (very unique paint on burlap)
toddler's pink trench coat
sun visor
men's pajama pants
...and a partridge in a pear tree. I could probably have a garage sale and make a 1000% profit on my investment. Instead, I will find a home or use for all my goodies, hopefully by next year's sale.

The rest of the weekend was spent swimming, eating, drinking, jumping on trampoline, checkers, Rat-a-tat Cat, bocce ball and visiting with my family. My children had an absolute blast. Aidan learned how to touch the bottom of the pool and float on his back. Avery learned to play checkers, and played some pretty mean games. Both children learned how to do flips on the trampoline, a feat I didn't accomplish until I was 18 (and of course would never attempt nowadays). These tricks should scare me to death, but I am so proud of my children's physical accomplishments. I don't remember being nearly so brave and willing to try something new when I was young.
Today, my family will go in many different directions. As my grandparents enjoy Yosemite, my cousins fly to Michigan, Uncle De drives to Nevada, my brother and sister-in-law drive to Utah, my parents and aunt return to work, and my kids and I recover at home, we are all together in my thoughts and heart. Until next time, adieu.

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